Information About Cathay Pacific Manage Booking

Manage Booking Of Cathay Pacific Airlines

Cathay Pacific provides passengers the option of 'Manage booking' on their website through which passengers can use various online services like checking their details, selecting seat, ordering meal and so one.

Passengers need to log in to their account on Cathay Pacific manage booking page by entering their first name, last name and their boarding reference or e-ticket number. These details need to be exactly same as on the e-ticket.

1. Review

Passengers can sign in to their account and view their ticket details. Passengers can also print or email their ticket if they wish to.

2. Change or cancel

Passengers can also make changes in their booking like change in date, time etc. Passengers can also cancel their reservation and request refunds. However a change fee or cancellation fee may apply.

3. Reserve seat

Passengers can also reserve their preferred seat in advance. They can log in and open the seating arrangement of flight. Then they can select the seat they want from the ones that are available. A fee may however apply.

4. Order meal

Passenger can order meal for their flight. If they wish to eat something specific then they can order it. They can select from the wide variety of meals the airline offers.

5. Extra legroom seat

Passengers can also purchase extra legroom seats if they want. They can pay an extra amount and book the seats for them in advance. However this can depend on availability of extra legroom seats.

6. Update contact details

Passengers can update their contact details so that the airline can inform them about any delay or cancellation and passengers can stay updated.

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