Cancellation Policy Of Cathay Pacific

Get All The Information About The Cathay Pacific Cancellation Policy

Sometimes it may happen that you book a flight ticket on Cathay Pacific Airways and due to some reason you need to cancel your flight booking. Because unavoidable task interrupts your journey. In such situations, you have to cancel your flight booking on Cathay Pacific Airways. The airline understands this kind of problem and hence it provides a number of services that let you cancel the flight tickets at any time.

If you need to cancel your flight booking online, you can do that by simply visiting the Manage Booking section on the airline's website. But before you cancel the flight reservations you should know the Cathay Pacific cancellation policy. In this way, you would get all the information about the cancellation and refund. Go through the article thoroughly and get all the information to get a full refund.

Know What Cathay Pacific Airways Cancellation Policy States?

  • Cathay Pacific Airways lets you cancel your flight online and offline as well. Moreover, if you cancel your flight booking within 24 hours of the flight ticket booking. Then you can get a full refund for your flight without paying any additional cancellation charges.
  • Also, if the flight cancellation is made less than 7 days to the scheduled flight departure and the cancellation is processed under 24 hours of the flight ticket booking, even then, the passenger will be required to pay the cancellation charges.
  • In addition, as per the Cathay Pacific cancellation policy, the flight refund amount will be returned through the same mode of transaction in which the payment was done.
  • If you have booked refundable flight tickets and your flight is eligible for requesting a refund only then, you will get a refund. Non-refundable flight tickets will not get any refund money on canceling a flight.
  • Your refund request status can be known by going to the Manage Booking section of the Cathay Pacific Airways website. And your refund amount will be processed in 7 working days.

Get your flight booking canceled on Cathay Pacific Airways instantly

Once you know all the above points, it becomes easier to get a full refund for your flight cancellation. Moreover, if you need to know more about Cathay Pacific cancellation policy or the cancellation procedure. You can contact the customer service team of Cathay Pacific Airways reservation support team who will help you to provide your cancellation without any hassle. Additionally, the airline provide 24*7 support to make the traveling easier and simpler.

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