What is Change Refund and Cancellation Policy of Southwest Airlines?

What is Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy?

Do you want to cancel your flight that you booked with Southwest airlines? If yes, then you can make a request for the cancellation anytime in a very simple manner. Southwest airlines provide the facility of flight cancellation but there are varied rules in its cancellation policy that’s very important to know. If you don’t know about the Southwest airlines cancellation policy, then you can follow the below instructions:

  • Passengers are permitted to cancel a flight within 24 hours from the actual scheduled departure of your flight.
  • There are no charges for a flight cancellation if it is made within 24 hours and if you cancel after this time period, then you will require to pay some cancellation fees.
  • If a flight is delayed more than 3 hours, then you can also cancel your flight ticket with a full refund.

What is Southwest Airlines Refund Policy?

After flight cancellation, everyone looks for a refund on cancelled flights and if you are one among those, then you can simply make a request for a refund on your cancelled flight. Southwest airlines proffer the refund facility that one can obtain if someone will be eligible. You can know about Southwest airlines refund policy which is given below:

  • If you cancel your flight 24 hours before the scheduled departure, then you can simply request within 24 hours for a full refund.
  • Make sure that you have a refundable ticket and if you are a special fare, then you can also get a refund.
  • You can also avail the refund if your flight is cancelled due to any other condition.

In case you have still any query on Southwest Airlines cancellation policy or refund policy, then you can simply contact the customer service team of Southwest airlines and obtain the best help on every single query in a very effective manner.

What is southwest airlines change policy?

Is it possible to change flight with Southwest Airlines?

Do you want to change a flight with Southwest and looking for information about it? Then welcome here to obtain accurate information about the same. Southwest passengers are allowed to change flight with them, based on their change policy. Here you will get complete information about the change flight policy of Southwest and also its process further discussed below.

Southwest Airlines change policy:

Southwest passengers can make eligible change in flight based on the terms & conditions of their change policy. The main points related to southwest change policy are listed below:

  • Southwest has a very convenient change policy as they allow the passengers to apply eligible changes free of cost while the other airlines charge change fee in such condition.
  • On the basis of change policy of Southwest Airlines, passengers can select any other destination too while applying the change. There is not any such restriction that they can change flight in same destination only.
  • Same-day flight change facility is also available for the passengers without any extra fee.
  • Southwest passengers can change flight time, date and destination. They only allow name change in case such change is legal that can be due to marriage or divorce.
  • Passengers have to provide proper document to proof legal name change then only Southwest Airlines will process such name change for free.

Change flight process:

As you already know that change flight with Southwest Airlines can be applied online or you can also do it by contacting their reservations call center. If you don’t know how exactly you can process flight change online, then go through the steps given below:

  • Go to Southwest website
  • Tap on change/cancel option
  • Type booking confirmation number
  • Provide passenger’s first and last name
  • Tick mark Change flight box and tap search button
  • Then choose a flight you want to change from given list
  • Apply change and tap save button
  • Get change flight details from Southwest via mail

Hope now you have a clear understanding of Southwest change flight policy. If still there is some query that you have in mind contact Southwest Airlines customer support.


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