How Can I Get a Refund for my Flight Alitalia?

The rules are very basic if you wish to cancel your Alitalia flight due to unexpected reasons. If you are wondering can I get a refund for my flight Alitalia, the answer is briefly discussed below in this write-up, so keep on reading. Alitalia airlines are fully owned by the government, which has a hassle-free process of cancellation and refund if one follows it in a proper way. This post will explain the rules and regulations and the process of getting a refund from Alitalia airlines. 

Alitalia airlines refund policy

  • As per airlines' general 24-hour risk-free cancellation policy, Alitalia airline also provides a full refund to those who withdraw their booking on the same day of making a purchase. However, one must be sure to cancel the flight reservation within 24 hours of booking and at least seven days before their actual departure time.
  • Suppose a person fails to cancel their flight booking within 24 hours and withdraws the reservation after 24 hours risk-free period. In that case, they have to bear the cancellation fee imposed by Alitalia airlines.
  • All the refunds can be requested through the official website of Alitalia airlines or the customer service agent.
  • The refunds are initiated back to the original payment mode that you used to book the flight.
  • The refund amount of your canceled Alitalia airlines booking reflects in the bank account within 7 to 10 working days.
  • No refunds are given on the cancellation of non-refundable flight booking with Alitalia Airlines. In such cases, passengers can request the airlines to get travel credits redeemable on the next booking and are valid for one year from the issuance date.
  • Suppose a passenger decides to cancel their flight for an involuntary reason, such as the death of an immediate person. In that case, they can request the airline for a full refund by showing supportive documents such as a death certificate. An immediate person could be your family member, spouse, parent, child, etc.

Alitalia airlines refund process

Here is the Step by step process of how you can use the Alitalia get a refund option:

  • First, head towards the official airline's website and visit my flight section.
  • Now enter your flight reservation quote associated with the Alitalia airline ticket and your first and last name to search for the flight information.
  • You will get through the itinerary flight page, so navigate the cancel button if you haven't canceled your flight. 
  • If you have already withdrawn your booking from Alitalia airlines, you will get the option to fill out the refund form.
  • Please fill out the refund request form with all the required information and submit it.
  • You will soon get your refund in the original payment mode after the verification by Alitalia airlines officials.

If the manual process of getting a refund is not working out, then you can reach out to the customer service agent and request them to get a refund for my flight Alitalia airlines ticket. The customer service agent is active all day long on various contact methods available online.

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