How can I change my flight date with Brussels Airlines?

Brussels Airlines offers various facilities to the passengers to hassle-free change their flight reservations. There are many ways, such as online services customer support, so that you can easily change your flight on Brussels Airlines.

So, Brussels airlines change flights depending upon the requirement you have. So if you are thinking about whether you can change your flight date, to let you know, yes, you can indeed change your flight date with Brussels Airlines. All you need to do is follow the guide mentioned below.

Brussels Airlines flight change policy

  • According to the flight change policy of Brussels Airlines, you can hassle-free change your flight date within 24 hours of the scheduled departure.
  • If you cancel your flight after the 24 hours limit, you must pay a cancellation fee. Changes can only be made after paying the cancellation fee.
  • Even if you have done your check-In procedure, you can still change your flight date on Brussels Airlines.
  • If your reservation is made under a group, in such a case, you have to separate your group ticket into individual ones; then only the changes can be made to your flight ticket.
  • If your flight is more expensive than the previous one, you need to cover the difference and pay a certain amount.

How to change your flight date online?

  • Attain to the official website of Brussels airlines and make your account login.
  • After logging in, you can visit the "manage bookings" feature of your account.
  • In the "manage bookings" section, you have to enter your ticket reference number and the passenger's last name.
  • Your flight details will be fetched, and you will proceed to a new page.
  • Once your booking appears, you can click on the "edit" option given at the bottom.
  • Now, re-enter the departure and arrival dates of your new flight.
  • Find the most suitable flight for you and book the same.
  • Now, in the payment section, you will see the differences in amount according to the type and seat-class category you have booked.
  • Once your flight date gets changed, you will receive a confirmation mail or a message through the registered phone number.

Make your flight date change over a call.

The best option is to make a phone call to get assistance in any urgency. You can contact Brussels customer support to make changes to your flight reservation. 

  • Dial the service toll-free number of Brussels Airlines.
  • Get to interact with a live representative of Brussels Airlines to seek help.
  • Provide your ticket PNR number to fetch your details.
  • Explain the changes you wish to make.
  • Now pay the charge informed by the agent on the call for your flight change.
  • Once you have done, you will receive a confirmation mail or a message shortly.

So, if you are wondering about I can change my flight date with Brussels Airlines, the guide mentioned above will help you know everything regarding your flight change. If you find any trouble changing your flight online, the airline's customer support is just one call away.

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