Can I change my flight date Asiana?

A Complete Guide on Asiana Airlines Flight Change

Asiana Airlines is a South-Korean Airline that operates international and domestic flights to several destinations. It is known for the extreme measures to provide the best possible customer resolution to its passengers.

Changing flight dates in the aviation industry is never certain, and one cannot determine the changes they wish to make on their flight booking. If you have a flight booking or a reservation with Asiana Airlines and you are not so sure about your flying dates, the only question that comes to your mind is, ‘Can I change my flight date Asiana?’ If you are going through the same and wish to know more about the same, reading the following points will help you significantly.

Asiana Airlines Flight Change Policy

You cannot just carry on with the flight change procedure because some policies are built for this specific situation, and if you wonder, ‘Under what terms can I change my flight date Asiana Airlines?’ In that case, the following will help;

  • You can make changes to your Asiana Airlines flight ticket booking for free within the first 24 hours of purchasing.
  • If you change the flight date and the ticket price is higher than your previous one, you’ll have to pay the fare difference. If the ticket price is lower than the previous one, you’ll be provided with reimbursement of an equivalent amount.
  • The change in your flight date will entirely depend on the availability of flights.
  • If you specifically need to change the date of your international flight ticket, you’ll have to pay a service charge varying between 70-150 US dollars even if you meet the 24-hour window.
  • You’ll have to make the flight change the same way you made the original purchase, or else Asiana will not process your request.

How to change my flight date on Asiana Airlines?

You can change the date of your Asiana Airlines flight tickets with the help of the following points;

Official Website- If you booked your flight tickets through the official Asiana Airlines website or by calling their reservations number, you could change the date by following the listed points;

  • Visit the official Asiana Airlines website with the help of your internet browser.
  • Once the page loads completely, select your language and region to proceed with the website.
  • Now, click on the option ‘Find My Trip’ to make the necessary changes to your flight booking.
  • Enter the below-listed details to access your flight booking;
  1. Booking Number
  2. Departure City
  3. Arrival City
  4. Boarding Date
  5. Last Name
  • After entering all the Asiana Airlines flight details, click on the option ‘Find My Trip.’
  • The following page will showcase all the information related to your Asiana Airlines flight ticket booking.
  • Now, locate the edit option and click on the ‘Change Flight Date’ section.
  • You can then make the necessary flight date changes on your booking and proceed.
  • It will then display the fare difference you need to pay or your reimbursement amount.
  • You can proceed and click on the option ‘Confirm’ to finalize your choices.
  • You’ll then receive your new flight tickets with your registered credentials.

Thus, you can go through the Asiana Airlines change my flight procedure with the help of following the points listed above hassle-free.

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