Can I cancel Icelandair ticket within 24 hours?

Icelandair is Iceland's national flag carrier airline and provides international and domestic scheduled passenger flight services. You can find timely flights with Icelandair with a combination of premium customer services and satisfaction.

If you have an Icelandair flight booking or reservation and you need to cancel your flight tickets, the only question you get in your mind is, 'Can I cancel Icelandair within 24 hours?' If you seriously wish to save your money and do not want to go through paying a service charge to cancel your flight tickets, the following will help you significantly.

24-hour flight ticket cancellation of Icelandair

Before making a phone call to the Icelandair contact number to know whether you can cancel your tickets or not, go through the following points to get a better picture of the topic;

  • Icelandair provides excellent flexibility to its passengers when it comes to flight cancellations.
  • You can cancel your Icelandair flight tickets for free within the first 24-hours of making the purchase.
  • Icelandair will consider the points listed above if your scheduled Icelandair flight departure is seven or more days from the date of cancellation.
  • You can cancel your tickets for free and get the entire amount back as a refund.
  • This situation can only be possible if you make the flight booking or reservation with the help of the official Icelandair website, application, or by calling their dedicated reservations number.
  • This policy might vary for different regions, so ensure that you go through the official website before continuing with the process.
  • If you miss the stated window, you'll have to pay a cancellation fee to cancel your Icelandair flight tickets.
  • It will deduct the amount from your original payment, and the rest will be credited back as a refund.
  • The cancellation refund method will be the same as the booking method.
  • If you paid with the help of credit, debit, or any other online payment card, the amount would reflect in the card cycle.
  • If you paid with the help of cash, they would transfer the amount to your bank account.
  • The only way you can get the entire amount back is by abiding by the 24-hour cancellation policy of Icelandair.
  • You can opt to get your refund back or get a future travel credit worth the exact amount you paid at the time of booking your official Icelandair flight tickets.
  • One can use the travel credit to book flight tickets through the official Icelandair platform or modify your existing or future flight bookings.

Therefore, the points listed above will help you with the complete procedure to cancel your Icelandair flight tickets within the initial 24-hours of making the reservation. If you follow the stated points, you'll be at the benefit by getting the whole amount back as a refund or opting for future travel credit. You don't have to pay a cancellation fee to proceed with the cancellation request, and you not only get the whole amount back as a refund but cancel your flight tickets for free. If you still have any consistent doubts about the cancellation, you can call the official Icelandair phone number and speak to a reservations associate regarding your query. Getting in touch with the Icelandair support team is not a tedious task. You can find all the possible ways to contact their live representative through the official 'Contact Us' section on their website.

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