How Do I Upgrade My Seat On British Airways?

A Quick Guide on How to Upgrade Seat on British Airways

Are you planning to upgrade your booked reservations with British Airways and you have no clue about the procedure and policy? Then, don’t need to fret out as in this article, you will be provided with the complete details on how easily you can upgrade your booking with British Airways. 

Upgrading reservations with British Airways

Many passengers wish to access premium services during their travel. Thankfully, by using British Airways Seat Upgrade service passengers can easily upgrade their booking by paying some extra bucks. Also, once the seat is upgraded with the airline, the passenger is offered with the listed services that include: 

  • Big and relaxing seats 
  • Onboard entertainment and gourmet meals options
  • Access to the VIP lounges
  • Priority check-in and boarding facilities

Besides, there are multiple other services that one can access depending on the upgrade of the flight ticket. And for the passengers who are wondering how to perform the British Airways Seat Upgrade process, they can check out the detailed process mentioned in this article. 

Procedure to upgrade reservations with British Airways

For upgrading the seat, the passenger is required to follow the below-mentioned steps: 

  • Initially, click on the manage booking option present on the homepage of the airline. 
  • Now, provide the booking code and last name of the flight ticket and retrieve the booking. 
  • Once the booking is retrieved, the passenger needs to check if their fare type is eligible for an upgrade or not. 
  • If yes, then the passenger can select a suitable class for the flight upgrade and proceed with the process. 
  • Then, the passenger can verify the fare details and confirm the upgrade by making an online payment. 

Thus, with the completion of this process, the passenger will be upgraded to their preferred class and will be offered access to the services of the upgraded class. In case, if there is an issue with the seat upgrade process, the passenger can feel free to contact the customer service of the airline for assistance. 

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