What is British Airways Pregnancy Policy?

Know Here The Pregnancy Policy Of British Airways

Traveling within your pregnancy phase can be a very serious thing. However, there are times when it becomes very important to travel somewhere due to many obvious reasons. If you have chosen to travel via flight then it is very important to know the specifics regarding how the airline company is going to help you during your journey.

British Airlines is one of the famous and reputed airlines in the world. It provides various services to all of its passengers that help them to travel with ease in all around the world.  It takes special care of its passengers with any medical condition. However, it does not require you to do anything but to take some precaution before you board its flight. Here’s what you need to know about the pregnancy policy of British Airways.

Pregnancy Policy of British Airways: Important Points

Following are the major things that you must understand before you board the British Airways plane during your pregnancy period.

  • British Airways does not allow you to travel in its flight, if you have crossed 36 weeks of your pregnancy period with one baby or 32 weeks with more than one baby.
  • British Airways will require you to bring along a medical certificate from your doctor that will confirm the following things:
  • If you are pregnant with single or multiple babies
  • Your baby’s delivery expected date
  • That there are no complications regarding your pregnancy
  • The medical certificate should cover both single-sided and both-sided trips with the British Airways.

Furthermore, if you require a medical escort to support you while you travel with British airlines then you can book the same with any specialized medical assistance organization. However, you can also buy a travel insurance plan from the official website of British Airways while you book your flight.

Hence, this was all about the British Airways pregnancy policy.  If you still have any doubts or additional queries then you can contact to its customer services. The dedicated representative will surely assist you with any medical or non-medical information. Therefore, hope the discussed information in this article has been helpful to you.

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