Reservation Information About American Airlines Group Travel

Group Travel in American Airlines

American Airlines offers passengers group travel. If a passenger is booking tickets for more than 10 people then they can book tickets under group travel. Group travel can also be booked for business meetings and conferences. If you wish to book group tickets then you need to know all this about the airline’s group travel.

There are three types of booking under a group travel

For passengers departing together

Group Block Fares

  • If 10 or more people are traveling together from the same location to the same destination then they can book Group Block Fares.
  • Passengers can book Group Block fares 11 months in advance in American Airlines for Oneworld destinations.
  • If the group booking is done then passengers can change one name per ticket for free till 48 hours before departure.
  • For group bookings, no minimum stay is required.

For passengers departing from distinct places

Zone fares

  • If 10 or more people are traveling from different locations to the same destination then they can book Zone Fares.
  • Passengers can book Zone fares for travels which are beginning from the U.S. or Canada and reaching the following destinations:

            1. North America
            2. Latin America
            3. Europe
            4. Pacific
            5. the Caribbean

You can go to the American Airlines website and request a group rate to know the fair price.

Meeting and conference travel

  • If tickets are booked for many people traveling to attend meetings, conferences and trade shows then the airline provides them a discount.
  • To avail of a meeting or conference discount, there needs to be a minimum of 40 potential attendees. All these attendees are required to be travelers.
  • This Discount code can only be applied to fares published on the website.
  • Basic Economy and non-discountable fares are not applicable for such discounts.

To book American Airlines group travel you can call their reservation center or customer care center. You can also book tickets directly on their website.

For any doubt or more information contact 1-802-455-7300 the customer care center of American Airlines.

Faq of American Airlines

How do I book a group on American Airlines?

Suppose you would like to travel in a group on American Airlines. In that case, you have to book group travel tickets offline, which are only possible by dialing the American Airlines customer service number or group booking number at 800-433-1790. The customer service team will help you book a group to your preferred destination in a simple way.

Do airlines give group discounts?

It ultimately depends on the airline you choose to travel to your preferred destination as most of the airline provides the discount to its travelers on group booking. You can also contact the customer service team of that particular airline by making a phone call or using the other communication options to know about the discounts.

What airlines are in the American Airlines group?

There are more than four airlines in the American Airlines group that fly to domestic and international destinations. These airlines are American Airlines, Envoy Air, Piedmont Airlines, PSA Airlines, etc. You can also visit the official American Airlines group website and get the required information regarding that.

Is American Airlines seating people together?

American Airlines always prioritizes the family to sit together, and it will be only possible if there is any availability of vacant seats. If a seat is already assigned or booked, then one will have to sit separately. You can dial American Airlines customer service phone number 800-433-7300 and 1-802-455-7300 get information about the empty seat or any special request related to seating together.

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