How To Book Group Travel Ticket For Allegiant Air?

Everyone wants to travel in a group with their family and friends to explore new places and to meet new characters. In the specific features of allegiant airlines, Group travel is already incased to make your travel experience healthier and safe. Just lose the string of your purse and pay to travel in a group to share togetherness in the same aircraft.

Learn the Procedure to Book Group Travel Ticket with Allegiant Airlines 

Allegiant Airlines' extensive features to do the Group booking is not limited to travel but also includes additional facilities of seating comfort in the resplendent leather seats by serving hot and cold beverages.

Stick with the Procedure to book Group Travel ticket

  • Go to the official website of Allegiant airlines.
  • Under the booking option, select the Group booking.
  • Give the details of the departure city and the destination city.
  • Type the date to travel.
  • Add the number of passengers traveling in a group along and mention the class to travel.
  • After following the above, passengers can ask for the quote of the airline.
  • After the quote, you have to verify the details of your booking and save confirmation.

After the booking let’s discuss some important aspects of the features of the Group booking to let you know every important feature.

Some important points to consider for the Group Booking

  • Group booking allows passengers to pay the advance payment of 40% of the total fare and rest 60% amount 21 days before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • Even you can the name of the passengers 10 days prior to the actual departure of the flight
  • You will find that the prices of the Group booking are slightly higher/lower than the individual price.

Finally, you have learned all the basic information Group Booking process, if required you can call directly to the customer support team of the Allegiant Air Group Travel to learn more about your query and features.

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