How Can I Upgrade My Seat on All Nippon Airways Flights?

Learn the Methods to Apply for a Seat Upgrade on All Nippon Airways

Do you wonder about getting seat upgrades on All Nippon Airways flights? Of course, you have the advantage of getting a seat upgrade for your All Nippon Airways booked flight. Generally, the request to upgrade seat on All Nippon Airways flight comes from the passengers who desire to experience a more comfortable journey. However, the truth is that All Nippon Airways not only represents just one option to upgrade a flight seat with them but more than that. More detailed information about the several platforms accessible to apply for a seat Upgrade in All Nippon Airways is as illustrated below.

What Types of Seat Upgrade Options are Available?

Basic upgrade:

  • Basic upgrade on the All Nippon Airways flights is based on the availability of seats in an individual flight.
  • All Nippon Airways passengers are eligible to confirm a basic seat upgrade on flights at almost 355 days prior from its schedule departure.
  • Although, All Nippon Airways provides the basic seat upgrade almost the whole year yet it doesn’t mean that you will definitely receive as it is based on first come first serve.

Frequent Flyer Points:

  • People who are the registered member of frequent flyer program run by start alliance are eligible to upgrade seat on All Nippon Airways flight by using it.
  • However, passengers have to redeem their frequent flyer miles earned from any previous booking on All Nippon Airways.
  • All Nippon Airlines passengers can purchase a seat upgrade by redeeming their frequent flyer points.

Upgrade Points:

  • People who have mileage club membership of All Nippon Airways are eligible to upgrade a seat with the help of upgrade points.
  • These upgrade points are provided by the All Nippon Airways as the reward to its loyal customer who are their club member and also flies very consistently with them.
  • Therefore, All Nippon Airlines mileage club member can redeem the rewards points available in their account to apply against the seat upgrade with them.

What is the Procedure to Apply for All Nippon Airways Seat Upgrade?

  • Visit All Nippon Airways website and open My Bookings tab
  • Then submit your reservation or e-ticket number
  • Next provide the last and first name of passenger
  • Now select the flight you wish for seat upgrade
  • Then hit upgrade button and select the type of upgrade you want to apply
  • At last, redeem the points or make the payment by card to purchase the sear upgrade

Hence, All Nippon Airways seat upgrade facility is effortlessly accessible with help of several programs as mentioned above. In case you are incompetent to get a seat upgrade on All Nippon Airways flights even after applying for it suitably, contact its customer care department to know the reasons behind it. Further, All Nippon Airways representatives will also guide you towards receiving a seat upgrade on flights more appropriately.

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