All Nippon Airways Cancellation & Refund Policy

What is All Nippon Airways Cancellation, Flight Change and Refund Policy?

Sudden changes in a plan always affect multiple things whether it’s a flight cancellation or change. Every airlines have their own rules that prescribed for the passengers and All Nippon Airways is one among those. If you are flying via air and have booked your flight t’icket with All Nippon Airways, then you can easily cancel your flight and also get a refund on every booking you cancel. But there are lots of rules and restrictions prescribed by All Nippon Airways for the cancellation, changes, and refund that you must know before applying any of these things in your booking.

What is All Nippon Airways Cancellation Policy?

Are you not capable of flying to your preferred destination on All Nippon Airways? Then you have a better option of flight cancellation as you can simply cancel your All Nippon Airways flights as per the cancellation policy. You must know about the All Nippon Airways cancellation policy before you make any sort of flight cancellation request. You can follow the below instructions to know:

  • Passengers are permitted to cancel All Nippon Airways flights within 24 hours from the scheduled departure.
  • Some cancellation charges are applicable that always depend on your fare type and the time of flight cancellation.
  • You will also get a refund on your canceled flight as per the refund policy of All Nippon Airways.

What is All Nippon Airways Flight Change Policy?

Is there any kind of sudden change in your travel plan that you have made with All Nippon Airways? Then you can change your flight as per your preferred date and schedule. But there is a flight change policy which is important to know and if you don’t know All Nippon Airways Flight Change Policy, then you can follow the below instructions:

  • All Nippon Airways allow their passengers to change a flight within 24 hours from the departure.
  • Flight change depends on the type of fare and you will need to pay some fee for it.
  • If your All Nippon Airways flight is delayed more than 3 to 4 hours, then you can change a flight without any charges.

What is All Nippon Airways Refund Policy?

Need a refund on your canceled All Nippon Airways flight? Then you can simply get the refund that depends on the refund policy and the type of cancellation you made with All Nippon Airways. It is important to know about the All Nippon Airways Refund Policy before you make a refund request and you can follow the below instructions:

  • If the cancellation is made within 24 hours, then you will get a full refund on your canceled flight.
  • You will be charged a refund fee of 300 to 400 JPY per ticket if the refund request is granted.
  • Refund request can be made online at the official website of All Nippon Airways.

By following the above-given All Nippon Airways Cancellation Policy, flight change and refund policy, you can easily cancel or change your flight ticket. In case you are not able to understand the mentioned policies, then contact the customer service team of All Nippon Airways for reliable assistance.

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