How to Make Reservations on All Nippon Airlines?

Every policy is mandatory to know before you start the booking process because it plays a major role in travel expenses and other things on the flight booking. Read every aspect very carefully of All Nippon pet policy in a concise manner.

Learn in-depth About The Pet Policy

In-cabin Travel 

  • Under the specified guidelines it is mentioned that Dogs and cats are allowed to travel in the cabin of the aircraft. 

Checked baggage or cargo travel

  • It is clearly stated that ANA may transport your pet as checked baggage in the cargo section of the aircraft.
  • Carrying pets in the same aircraft as checked baggage must fulfill the IATA compliant. 

Carry Health Certificate

  • Make sure that you have vaccinated your pet earlier and free of communicable disease.
  • The health certificate should be issued 10 days before travel.

Classes in All Nippon Airlines


  • Before you check-in, your baggage will be tagged with priority printed on it.
  • Priority boarding.


  • Priority check-in at the airport and priority boarding in the aircraft
  • Special lounges arrangements for you to enjoy quality time.
  • Seats come with boast and direct aisle access to give you the highest level of privacy staggered seat arrangements.
  • You can use the service of My sky channel on the official ANA app, specially designed for the in-flight entertainment experience.

Premium Economy Class

  • Considered much better than economy class seating
  • No priority boarding for this class of passengers.
  • A wide selection of meals to meet specific dietary.
  • The seat is not much wider for relaxing position.

Economy class

  • Spacious seats of pitch 34 inch and provide you more legroom.
  • Seats fixed back shell region so that you can recline your seat easily

All the above classes defined its features and special arrangements are for your comfort travel. Now you can see the reservation process to initiate the booking process.

Follow These Points to Start The Reservation Process with ANA Airways.

  • In the first step effort, go to the official website of ANA airways
  • Fill the details of the departure city and the destination city or the airport.
  • Give the dates to travel and the return date.
  • Add the number of passengers going to the destination.
  • Next, tap on the search flight.
  • You will showcase a list of flights.
  • Choose the best flight
  • Following above, you will get a mail of confirmed ticket of your flight booking

All the above information is all about to give you the knowledge of pet policies and the classes to travel. If needed, you can call him directly on the customer support solution for All Nippon Reservations process and other related queries.

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