Procedure to Book Alitalia Airlines Ticket With Reservation Policy for Children

Do you want to know about making reservations in the Alitalia Airlines, plus its policies for traveling with pets and children? Well, making a reservation in Alitalia flight is very easy, and they offer a few classes on its flight. Alitalia Airlines also holds a very fair policy for the reservation for pets and children. Comprehensive details about making reservations in Alitalia flight plus its classes are as below. Besides, you will also learn the reservation policy of Alitalia Airlines for pets and children.

The Process of Making Flight Reservations

Alitalia Airlines reservations have the most common online booking system through its website. The online process for making reservations on Alitalia Airlines plus the list of travel classes is as given below.

Travel classes:

  •  Magnifica
  •  Business class medium haul
  •  Premium economy
  •  Economy

Reservations Process:

  • Open Alitalia web page and navigate towards flight booking
  • Then on booking window choose from the Round or One-way trip
  • Next, type the names of your origin and arrival cities
  • Afterward, choose your inbound and outbound travel dates
  • Also provide the total number passengers and choose your preferred travel class
  • At last press Show flights and all the available flights will open
  • Then, choose a particular flight for booking and pay for it
  • Choose your desired method for making the payment

 How to Travel With Children in Alitalia Airlines?

Alitalia Airlines Reservations for children are made based on its travel policy. The main rules for defining the child travel policy of Alitalia Airlines are as below.

  • Children below 2 years can travel on Infant fare on the condition that adult passenger is carrying the child on the lap during whole journey.
  • You can book an adult ticket for the children of same height and weight. This is also applicable for the children between 2 to 11 years.
  • Unaccompanied minors also need to provide all the necessary documents during travel on Alitalia flights
  • Children up to 13 years are not allowed to travel without an adult. While children above it can travel alone after providing proper documents.

Hence, all the important information related to Alitalia Airlines reservations are discussed above. You can further contact the customer support department of Alitalia for knowing additional details about its reservations.

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