What Is Alitalia Airlines Pet Policy?

Pet Policy of Alitalia Airlines

Travelling with pets is even harder than carrying a baby. Especially during long journeys by air, carrying pets bring along a lot of responsibilities hence people generally avoid as much as it is possible. But suppose if it is really urgent and you can’t leave behind your pets then you have to carry them along. Italy based airline Alitalia Airline understands this and hence provide with facilities of carrying pets to passengers travelling to and from Italy. Suppose if you have reservations in Alitalia Airline and have to carry your pets along then refer to below given Alitalia Airlines pet policy.

Pet policies of Alitalia Airline:

  • Only small pups, cats and ferrets are allowed on board in Alitalia Airline
  • Before flying, you have to get a passport of pet with verified vaccination report stating he or she is fit to travel without any allergies
  • If you are flying to USA then pets should have verified rabies certificate or a report stating immunization reports, especially for dogs
  • Whereas if you are travelling with pets to South Africa then they are only allowed in cargo in carriages
  • Also there are certain parameters for maximum weight and age of the pets to be carried
  • If you are travelling to Ireland or United Kingdom then you are not allowed to take pets
  • If you are taking along pet instructors then they can travel free of charge
  • To carry pets along, you have to pay for their tickets too and in case of cancellation their tickets would also be refunded.

Thus you can follow above pet policies and decide accordingly to carry your pets. In case of any doubt contact customer support.

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