How To Travel With Pet On Alaska Airlines?

Pet Policy of Alaska Airlines

If you are planning to travel with Alaska Airlines and you have to bring your pet with you for travel.  Don’t think about how you can travel with your pet and feel relax as Alaska is a pet friendly airline. To know in brief about Alaska Airlines pet policy read the information given below:

In first class cabin there is accommodation is for 1 pet only and in the main cabin accommodation is for maximum 5 pets. So if you are bringing your pet with you kindly confirm the availability in the cabin by dialing Alaska customer support phone number once you have confirmed your travel plan.

Pets allowed in cabin-

You can bring your pet in the cabin but the total weight of pet and carrier should not be more than 9 kg.

  • If you have pet dog or cat with you they must be older than 8 weeks.
  • Each passenger is allowed to bring maximum 2 pets with them, that also if they have booked 2 seats.
  • According to Alaska Airlines pet policy you have to pay a fee of 100 rs for each pet you are carrying with you.

Pets allowed in checked baggage-

Small pets are allowed in the checked baggage but the total weight of pet and carrier should not be more than 68 kg.

  • Dogs and cats must be older than 8 weeks.
  • Some pets may not be allowed in the checked baggage due to the temperature condition of the cargo.
  • The fee is 100 rs for each pet in the checked baggage.

If the pet with you is more than the weight allowed in cabin and checked baggage than you can contact Alaska cargo department and ask about transporting your pet via cargo.

The weight and size of the carriers carrying your pet must be as follows

  • In cabin maximum dimension for soft carrier is 43x28x48 cm and for hard carrier 43x28x19 cm.
  • In checked baggage carrier dimension must not be more than 76x68x101 cm.


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