What Is Alaska Airlines Pet Policy?

Want To Travel With Pets In Alaska Airlines? Here is the Detailed Info

Travelling with pets is always a best experience for the pet lovers. If a passenger has booked a flight with Alaska Airlines, then it the pets can be easily carried along. For the convenience of passenger and pet, airline has introduced the pet policy.

Get info about the pet policy

Pet policy is introduced with some specifications which include breeds of pets, size & weight of pet, vaccination requirements, etc. Any pets travelling with the passenger will be accommodated according to availability in cabin and cargo. The booking of pet should be made in advance to avoid any kind of hassle during departure. There are some aircrafts in which the pets are not allowed. So, the passenger should contact the support department to know about the specifications of the aircraft i.e. whether the pet is allowed or not.

Breed restrictions in Alaska Airlines

Some of the pet breeds are not allowed to travel in Alaska airlines. Here is a list of some of the restricted pets according to Pet policy of Alaska airlines:

  • Pets with short-nose are not allowed on Alaska flights as they might have abnormalities while breathing.
  • The pets that can be fitted under the seat are allowed on the board.
  • The dogs that are not allowed are English Toy Spaniel, Pug, Boxer, Bulldog, etc.
  • Restricted cats are Exotic shorthair, Persian, Burmese, etc.

Pets in the cabin

In order to carry the pet along, a passenger needs to follow the rules of pet policy. For cabin, below mentioned are the rules:

  • The passenger carrying the pet must be 18 years or older.
  • The passenger with a pet is not allowed to sit in the emergency exit row, bulkhead or seats with airbag safety belt.
  • A total of one pet carrier per flight is allowed in the first class of Alaska airlines.
  • The passengers are allowed only to carry either a personal item along with pet carrier or carry-on bag with pet carrier.
  • A total of 2 pet carriers are allowed in the main cabin.
  • No pets are allowed to occupy seats in the cabin.
  • Pets allowed in the main cabin are rats, dogs, rabbits and household birds.
  • The pets should be at least 8 weeks or older.
  • The pets are allowed only in the container, including their head and tail.
  • Any pet with odor or offensive behaviour will not be allowed to board the aircraft.
  • The container of the pet must be according to the dimensions defined by Alaska airlines.
  • The container should have proper air ventilation.
  • Only healthy pets are allowed on the board and pets travelling in cargo must have a health certificate.

The pet fees mentioned on the official website includes carrier and Alaska travel. While travelling in other airlines, the pet fee might change. For more info about the fees, airline support can be contacted.

To have more info about Alaska airlines pet policy, customer support of the airline can be contacted. The representative of the airline can be contacted through phone or email. They will serve their passengers with the best possible services and facilities to enhance their travel experience with pets. To contact them, the details from the official website can be used.

  • Customer Reviews
      • Alaska airlines pet policy is very secure for pets to travel on board. I have traveled with my pets many times and journey was always joyful and safe.

      • Alaska flight attendants kept an eye towards our dog all time, fed him and ensured he was on the correct plane after our was changed as we boarded up because of mechanical issues.,

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