How to Change Flight on Air India Airlines?

Air India is one of the top-notch airlines and the flag carrier of India which is headquartered in New Delhi. The fleet size of Air India is 127 including Airbus and Boring which is capable to fly to more than 102+ domestic and international destinations. Air India Airlines is highly famous for its low-cost and high-end traveling services that passengers can obtain while travelling to their preferred destination in its flights. Passengers can enjoy their traveling after booking their flight ticket which is very easy to book with Air India Airlines. Along with flight booking, passengers can also change their flight as Air India allows them to change the flight.

Who is Eligible to Change a Flight on Air India Airlines?

One can easily make a flight change request on Air India Airlines but it is always mandatory to know the eligibility before making a request of flight change:

  • Only confirmed bookings are eligible for a change.
  • You must inform Airlines regarding your changes before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • Changes in a booking are always subjected to the change fee which is required to pay.

How Do I Change My Flight Online in Air India Airlines?

Have you booked a flight ticket to your preferred destination with Air India Airlines? But now suddenly your plan has changed and you can’t travel on your selected travel date? Then don’t worry at all because you can simply change your Air India flight within 24 hours from the scheduled departure. The process of Air India Airlines changing flights is highly simple and you can change your flight online with very quick instructions.

Steps to change a flight on Air India Airlines:

  • First of all, go to the official website of Air India Airlines from your preferred browser.
  • Now you can look for the Manage Booking section.
  • Click on the My Booking tab under the Manage Booking.
  • Enter your ticket number and last name into the given field.
  • Now click on the Retrieve Booking tab.
  • Now you need to select your booking for that you wish to change your flight and then check your eligibility for changing the flight.
  • After that, you can follow the on-screen instructions to change your Air India Airlines flight ticket.

With the above-given steps, you can change a flight on Air India Airlines in a very effective and simple manner. If you are still not able to change your flight or have a different query, then you can directly contact to customer service team of Air India Airlines for supreme assistance.

How Much Does It Cost to Change a Flight Air India?

Have you made up a travel plan for your preferred route with Air India during vacation time? But suddenly your travel plan that you made with Air India has changed due to any specific reason? Then you can change that particular flight, which is possible as per the Air India policy for the flight change. But most of the passengers will not know how much does it cost to change a flight Air India and it is all caused due to the improper knowledge about flight change policy that you must know. If you don't have much knowledge, you can follow the mentioned instructions

What is Air India Flight Change Cost? 

  • Air India does not charge if you change your Air India flight within 24 hours of ticket purchase, whether domestic or international.
  • If you change a flight after 24 hours of booking, Air India charges 1100 INR per passenger for the domestic route’s flights and INR 2500 if you change an international route flight on Air India.
  • Air India allows First class and business class passengers to change their flight up to 12 hours from the scheduled departure, where flight change fee will be applicable.
  • You can change your Air India flight for free if there is any delay or your flight is canceled for any specific reason.
  • The entire flight date change request can be made online through Manage Booking at the official website, or you can also contact the reservations team to change a flight.

The above-given instructions can help to know how much does it cost to change Air India flight to your preferred route constructively and instantly. But in case you still require assistance related to flight change cost or policy, then contact the customer service team of Air India using any relevant mode of communication.

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