Air india Airport Office in Kochi (COK)

Air India is a well-known name in Airlines. You may not have taken flights, but listen to Air India's name. The Airline provides flights to various airports worldwide, including Kochi airport. If you have booked your flight with Air India and are looking to contact Air India Airport office in Kochi to know about the check-in time and other available services at the airport to make your journey easier. You can get the information from the upcoming section.

Which terminal is used by Air India at Kochi airport?

Kochi Airport has three passenger terminals in total. You may need the information on terminals to catch your flight on time. If you are flying from Kochi airport using Air India. You can catch your flight from terminal 3. 

How to contact Air India at Kochi airport via call?

The first option for passengers to contact Air India at Kochi airport is to make a direct call. You can dial the Air India Kochi Airport office contact number +91-484-2610115 and listen to the auto-generated call process and wait for the official to respond. As soon as the airport representative responds, discuss your concern.

How do I claim the baggage at Kochi Airport?

There are so many travelers using the airport daily, so there is a chance you may not find your baggage. Do not worry if you are facing this problem. You can contact the lost and found team at the airport and register your complaint. The lost and found team collects the bags with them if you do not collect your bags within 24 hours of landing. There are a few ways to contact the lost and found team.

Contact via email- There is a simple process to contact the airport. You can email to the airport and ask them to investigate your lost luggage. The team will contact you, and they may ask you some necessary questions to identify your luggage. Answer them, and they will provide you with the luggage.

Contact at the airport- If you are there, you can contact the airport manager's office. You can claim your baggage here. 

What is the address of Kochi airport?

The passengers are probably looking for the airport address to plan to leave their place for the airport accordingly. The airports mention their address on their official page. You can get it from there. The office address of Kochi airport is below.

Kochi Airport P.O.
Kerala, India
Airport code- KOC

What is the office address of Kochi airport?

If you want to send mail to the Kochi airport, you can send them to the below-given address:

Opposite Domestic Arrival,
Kochi International

What time does check-in open at Kochi Airport?

Passengers can check in online 24 hours before the scheduled flight. However, if you are going to the airport for check-in, you are supposed to reach the airport 3 hours before domestic flights, and for the international flight, you have to reach 4 hours before the scheduled flight. However, suppose you have called the Air India Kochi Airport office customer service phone number for any special assistance. In that case, you cannot proceed with the online check-in process.

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