How To Make Reservations on Aeromexico Airlines?

Know about Aeromexico Airlines Reservations: Classes, Pet Policy and Travel with Children

Aeromexico is the well-known and major airline of Mexico which covers more than 80 destinations across the world. The passengers flying with Aeromexico are provided with world-class services and facilities for a comfortable journey.

Reservation Process in Aeromexico

If a passenger wants to avail the services offered by Aeromexico, a flight can be booked. The airline facilitates passengers with offline as online booking options. The reservations center can also be contacted for booking. The offline booking of tickets in Aeromexico involves passenger’s visit to a travel agency or ticket counter.

For booking a ticket online, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the webpage of Aeromexico.
  • Select flights under the option of a Book on the homepage.
  • Then, select the flight type among the different options available.
  • Add the total number of passengers including adults, children, and infants.
  • After that, select the origin and destination cities in the list of destinations.
  • Further, choose the date of departure by searching for a cheap day and click Find Flights.
  • On the next page, choose the flight among the available options which suits the most in accordance with time and fare.
  • Enter the contact details and passenger personal info.
  • Choose the payment method and pay for the reservation.
  • Finally, the email of confirmation is sent to the passenger through email or text message.

Classes in Aeromexico

For a comfortable travel, a passenger chooses the cabin in the flight according to fare types. Aeromexico offers various travel classes, with different features, as mentioned below:

  • Basic: In this, the passenger is assigned a random seat and one carry-on bag is allowed. This fare type cannot be upgraded and is subjected to availability.
  • Classic: A passenger can choose a standard or preferred seat. They are allowed to take along carry-on and checked baggage and upgrade option is also available.
  • Flexible: Flight changes are allowed without extra charges with carrying on and checked baggage allowance. A passenger can select the seat as per preference.
  • Comfort: The passengers are provided with priority, more space and preferential treatment with more baggage allowance.
  • Premier: The passengers are offered preferential treatment and priority in everything. Flight change is also allowed for free.

Pet policy in Aeromexico

Want to travel with pets? Aeromexico allows its passengers to take along their pet for a journey of a maximum of 6 hours. They can be carried along by following the rules of Aeromexico Airlines Pet Policy, as mentioned below:

  • The passengers are allowed to carry only one pet in the cabin.
  • The pets must be carried in the carrier during the journey.
  • The airline may refuse to accept the pet due to a cleanliness issue.
  • The pet must have got rabies vaccination during the last 28 days and passengers need to carry the certificate.
  • The unaccompanied minors are not allowed to fly alone with the pet.
  • The age of pets must be 8 weeks or older for flying.
  • Only one pet is allowed per person.
  • The pets are not allowed as checked baggage.

Traveling with children in Aeromexico

If the children are traveling with their parents, they need to carry the below mentioned documents for Aeromexico reservations for children:

For domestic flights:

  • Current passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Current school photo ID card
  • Unique Population Registration Number

For international flights:

  • Current passport
  • Child exit form (in some cases)

If a passenger is flying with an infant, there are no booking charges for the infants and the boarding pass will be issued at the time of boarding.

To know more about the services of airlines, Aeromexico Airlines Reservations can be contacted. The representatives of the airline will assist all the passengers for a better experience. The customer services can be contacted at any time as it is available 24x7. The details of contact are easily available on the official website of Aeromexico.


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