Pet Policy of Aeromexico Airlines

Know More About The Policy For Traveling With Your Pet by Aeromexico Airlines

Aeromexico is an airline which is known for offering its customers with the finest services during their travel. And for those who are traveling with their beloved pets, they are offered a special policy that ensures a hassle-free travel experience for both the pet and the passenger.

Besides, for the passengers who are planning to book reservations with the airline along with their pets, it is required that they have complete details about Aeromexico Pet Policy. Further, it is required that the passengers abide by the guidelines of the policy to avoid last-minute issues while traveling with their pets.

Besides, to help out the passengers, here are some of the major pointers of the pet policy of the airline that one should know. Also, the passengers can even contact the reservation department of the airline for help.

Major Pointers of The Pet Policy

  • As per the pet policy of the airline, one in-cabin pet is allowed per passenger. Further, a maximum of six pets is allowed on board.
  • Further, it is required that the pets travel inside a proper carrier.
  • As mentioned in the policy, the reservations for the pets should be made on the same flight as their owners.
  • Also, the pets are only permitted on the flights with the maximum duration of 6 hours and the total weight of the pet should not exceed 9 Kg.
  • Moreover, as per the standard rule, dogs younger than 16 weeks are not permitted to travel by Aeromexico.
  • However, it is required that dogs are at least four months older or more to travel to the US.
  • In case, if the pets do not meet up with the requirements of in-flight traveling, they will be accepted as a pet onboard as a checked pet or as Aeromexico cargo.
  • Besides, for confirming the pet reservations, it is required that the passengers submit the required documents to the airline for confirmation.

Besides, if the passenger still has queries regarding the Pet Policy of Aeromexico, they can contact the booking department of airline for help.

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