How To Make Reservations on Aer Lingus Airlines?

Here is the Process for Aer Lingus Reservations

Aer Lingus is the airlines of Ireland this airlines is founded by the government of Ireland 83 years ago but it and was privatised in the year 2006 and now completely owned by the subsidiary of the International Airlines Group. This airlines is providing air services in more than 90 destinations. There is a dedicated online portal for the online booking, cancellation or change of the flight. Aer Lingus also has a loyalty programme known as Aerclub. Which comes in 4 categories Green, Silver, Platinum and Concierge and the new members are automatically awarded the Green tier membership.

Reservation Process of Aer Lingus

For making Aer Lingus Reservations there is a definite process.

Visit the website Aer Lingus.

  • Enter the details about the journey.
  • Enter the Origin Place
  • Enter the Destination Place
  • Enter the Departure Date
  • Enter the Arrival Date
  • Total number of passengers

Click on Search Flight

  • Select the departing and return flight and the fare category and click Continue.
  • Provide passenger information
  • First Name of the passenger
  • Family Name of the passenger.
  • Add any special assistance needed at the airport on board
  • Trip Contact (Email address and phone number)
  • Review the trip information and pay using the credit card or debit card to make a reservation through the Aer Lingus website.

Seats in Aer Lingus

At the time of check-in, you will be allocated the seat but in case you have the preference of the seat selection in the aircraft, then it is recommended to pre-book your seat in advance for the journey.

For the Flights withing Europe (Seat options available)

  • Choice Seat
  • Exit Seat
  • Standard Seat
  • For the Transatlantic Flight (Seat options available)
  • Priority Seat
  • Front Seat
  • Extra Legroom Seat
  • Standard Seat
  • Business Class Seat

Aer Lingus Pet Policy

In Aer Lingus, there is a pet policy as they know that if they are part of the family then they can also be the part of the holidays. For travelling with pets passengers must make Aer Lingus Pets Reservations. In Aer Lingus, the pets must be booked through a freight forwarder and they should be travel in the aircraft hold without having any permission to travel in the cabin of the airlines’ aircraft. They also have an age bar which says that a pet should be of at least 10 weeks old at the time of travelling with a maximum weight of 64kg.

Fare Category in Aer Lingus

Fare types for Europe Flight

  • Saver
  • Plus
  • Advantage
  • Aer Plus

Fare Category for Transatlantic Fight

  • Saver
  • Smart
  • Flex
  • Business
  • Business Flex

In various fare classes, you will get several services like Cabin Bag, Earn Tier Credit, Checked Bag, Advance Seat Selection, Priority Boarding, Lounge Access, Complimentary Drinks and Snacks, Private Overhead Storage and Front Row Seating.

Travelling with Children

If you are travelling with children then there are certain recommendation which a passenger needs to follow. The Aer Lingus Reservations For Children according to which infants who are born before the date of the delivery need?to have a medical clearance up to the age of 6 months, those infants who are in the age of 0-5 years need to sit on the adults knee and be restrained by safety belt and those children which are in age of more than 12 years should book the ticket as an adult and pay the fees for the same category. Whereas children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by an adult of age 16 years.

If you require any special assistance then you can establish contact with the customer support of Aer Lingus and resolve your query by with the help of the Customer Support by using our website and selecting the region of the flights.

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