What is Change & Cancellation Policy of United Airlines?

United Airlines is one of those who understand the diverse customer needs, hence allow them to change or cancel a flight in an urgent condition. Although United Airlines defines a whole set of rules to explain the conditions for flight change or cancellation, yet it is pretty reasonable and convenient for the passengers. Moreover, this page contains the most detailed information about the United Airlines flight change and cancellation policy. Later the process for flight change or cancellation on United Airlines is also explained here.

What are the Rules for Changing United Airlines Flight?

It is already mentioned in the beginning that you have the permission to change a pre-booked flight on United Airlines in urgency. Therefore, the rules defining United Airlines Change Policy are as listed below:

  • Flight change policy of the United Airlines provides the liberty to the passenger for modifying their booking on its official website.
  • Changing a flight on same-day as departure let travelers make changes until 24 hours before scheduled time of flight.
  • According to flight change policy of United Airlines foremost modification can be made for correcting the wrong passenger details during original booking.
  • More eligible changes which you can apply according to the change policy are date, route, or the time of your travel.
  • Name change is allowed only for the minor spelling errors, while the change of entire last name is allowed due to legal conditions.
  • Travelers need to show a proper document divorce certificate or the marriage certificate while changing last name.
  • Flight change fee as per the policy on domestic booking is 200 dollars, whereas on international flight is 400 dollars.

What are the Rules for Cancelling a United Airlines Flight?

  • As you know that you have to follow a proper set of rules while cancelling a pre-booked flight on United Airlines. Hence, for understanding such rules, which define the United Airlines Cancellation Policy, refer to the points discussed below:
  • The flight cancellation policy of the United Airlines follows the most appreciated 24 hours free ticket cancellation rules.
  • To provide free ticket cancellation within 24 hours, United Airlines also ensures that the flight is scheduled to depart after 7 or more days.
  • Moreover, United Airlines also offers after 24 hour ticket cancellation facility, but only in exchange for a certain amount of fee.
  • At the same time you also need to pay a fixed value of cancellation fee while cancelling a ticket 7 days prior from the scheduled departure.
  • United Airlines cancellation fee varies from 200 dollars to 400 dollars depending on the fare rules for a particular booking.
  • Moreover, United Airlines provide the whole amount of for a refundable cancelled ticket in the traveler’s original payment mode.
  • Apparently, United Airlines credits the refund for the remaining amount in the credit form on passenger’s account with them while cancelling a non-refundable ticket.

How to Change or Cancel a Flight on United Airlines?

The online procedure you have to follow for a flight change or cancellation on United Airlines is as given below:

  • Go to homepage of United Airlines
  • Open My Trips section by clicking it
  • Next, enter ticket confirmation code
  • Provide primary passenger’s last name
  • Tap search button to view the bookings
  • Next, select an individual flight from list
  • Hereafter, you can change or cancel it

Now you understand whole flight change and cancellation policy of United Airlines, you can apply for the same anytime in need. Besides, if you have some more reservation-related queries to ask, dial the United Airlines call center number for support.

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