Description About Saudia Airlines via Customer Service

Saudia airlines is Saudi Arabian airlines and is based in Saudi Arabia. The headquarters of Saudia airlines is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Its fleet size is 184. It operates its flights to 89 destinations. It also serves the passengers with domestic and international charter flights.

Features of Saudia Airlines

Saudia airlines provide a non-compromising service to its passengers. If required, Saudia airlines customer service number can be dialed. Few of them are listed below:

  • They maintain their cultural diversity in order to maintain the quality of the airlines.
  • They provide accurate and in-flight information timely to the passengers travelling, to keep them updated even while being in the flight.
  • Other than the regional language of the flight carriers, English is also spoken in Saudia airlines to make the passengers comfortable to communicate with the crew members.
  • They offer Miles under the loyalty program which can be earned by travelling with Saudia airlines. The earned points can be redeemed in number of ways by the passenger.
  • The frequent flyers will be able to avail more service than other passengers travelling. These passengers can get multi-carrier awards which can be used in award tickets also.

Classes of Suadia Airlines

Saudia airlines offer different classes to the passengers according to their comfort and budget, the classes are listed below. Saudia airlines flight reservation number can be dialed if help is required.

Guest Class- In this class, international cuisine is offered to the passengers from the Arabic foods. They offer very comfortable and spacious seats which can be adjusted accordingly. For entertainment purpose, special monitors are provided with remote controls. It can have video on-demand and many audio stations too. During the long flights, overnight kits are provided to the passengers to keep them busy.

Business Class- In this class, a number of cuisines is offered with desserts and coffee etc. a welcome drink of coffee with dates and other fruit juices are served. The seats are reclining and a spacious legroom is provided. The headrests are available with adjustable padded wings. Special monitors are available for entertainment which plays on-demand videos, audios and video games too. The passengers are provided with books, games etc. during the long flights.

First Class- In this, fresh fruit juices are served as welcome drink. After the take-off, cardamom coffee with dates is served along with some traditional Arabic greeting lines. If they want, they can go for executive meals as well. A big monitor is available for the passengers which displays on-demand videos, audios and games. It also displays the navigation system of the plane. The flights that are long-hauled are provided with the sleeping suits to the passengers.

Saudia First Suite- In this class, a private is available for the passengers. The entertainment screen is HD with non-stop entertainment. It has along relaxing seat and a spacious table. It offers free Wi-Fi also. The dining service is very fine where an on-board chef serves the meal. They pamper the passengers by serving various amenities.

Booking Process of Saudia Airlines with Flight Booking Number

  • The booking process involves information of the travel source and destination in order to check flight availability for the destination.
  • The travel date is required to check if a flight is available for the particular date or not.
  • The total number of passengers along with children and infants is required to check the seat availability.
  • Then type of class is selected by the guest.
  • Then flight is chosen which suits the best to the passenger according to the time and fare of the ticket.
  • Then the personal info of the passenger is entered along with the mode of payment.
  • Once all the details are reviewed, it can be submitted and confirmation will be received via email or text.

Deals Offered by Saudia Airlines

  • It offers the standard class passengers to upgrade their travel class by making a bid on the upgrade class. If the bid wins, upgraded seat will be offered to the passenger otherwise the previous class seat is provided.
  • It offers to save money when a passenger books both the hotel and flight services with Saudia airlines.
  • The service of ‘virtual reality’ is offered to the passengers of Saudia airlines and they can live the experience of travel.

If any assistance is required while booking the tickets, Saudia airlines ticket booking number can be dialed and executive can be contacted over there. The contact info of the executive will be there on the official website of Saudia airlines.

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