Book Your Trip And Manage Booking By Contacting Kuwait Airways Customer Service Number!

Kuwait Airways being the national carrier of Kuwait with the fleet size of 27 provides its services across Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent. Kuwait Airways works to provide best services to its passengers and has introduced various amazing services and features.

Features of Kuwait Airways include:

  • Baggage services: Baggage allowance for different classes is as follows:
  1. For Royal class: A passenger can take along 3 bags weighing 32 kg each. Size of normal check in bag must be viz 90cm length, 65cm width and 75cm height.
  2. For First class: In Kuwait Airways first class, a passenger can take along two bags of 32 kg each. Check in bag size be within 90 cm length, 65cm width and 75cm height. Maximum dimension be within 158 cm or 118 inch.
  3. For Business class: A business class passenger can take along 2 bags weighing 32 kg each. Maximum dimension of check in bag be 158 cm or 62 inch.
  4. For economy class: Economy class passenger can take along 2 bags of weightage 23 kgs each.
  • Passenger checked in bag should be within length 90cm, width 65cm and height 75cm and maximum dimension should be within 158 cm or 62 inch.
  • Length, width and height of oversize check in bag should be within 110cm, 65cm, 75cm.Maximum dimension of carry on bag can reach upto 158 cm or 62 inch
  • For all the mentioned classes, baggage weight is 10 kgs that does not exceed total dimensions of 115 cm or 45 inch.
  • Special meals: Kuwait Airways provides standard meals onboard but if a passenger has specific requirement for example if person s travelling with infant and needs food for infant or other reasons like low calorie meal, low fat meal or low gluten meal, then, passenger can choose from the menu available.
  • Special assistance: If a passenger has special requirement like illness or other health related issues or any other kind of medical aid, during booking, passenger can mention the issues and Kuwait Airways provides the assistance whenever required.
  • Hotel for accommodation and car for transport: If a passenger needs hotel to stay or needs car for transportation, then, passenger can get these feature booked from Kuwait site.

Also, Kuwait airways provides easy access to its services and in direction to provide easy access to its services, Kuwait airlines has introduced Kuwait Airways customer service. A customer can contact the customer service whenever required.

Classes in Kuwait Airways are:

  • Royal class
  • First class
  • Business class
  • Economy class

Modes Through Which A Customer Can Contact The Customer Service Of Kuwait Airways:

  • Phone Number: Customer care services of Kuwait Airways is available round the clock and one can contact the customer service whenever there is requirement. This is most convenient way of contacting the customer service. So, whenever there is requirement, all you need to do is contact the customer service through Kuwait Airways customer service number.
  • Chat: If a passenger has logged into the web portal and needs immediate assistance, then, passenger can contact the customer care through chat.
  • Email: If passenger has special kind of query and needs descriptive solution of query, then, passenger can contact the customer care of Kuwait Airways through email.

A passenger can contact the customer service to book the trip to the destination. To do the booking, go through following procedure:

  • Contact the customer care on given number.
  • Customer care representative attends your call and you need to specify your requirement.
  • Make payment.

To make changes i.e. to add or change the itinerary into Kuwait Airways booking, a customer can contact the customer service on Kuwait Airways Manage Booking number.

A passenger can add baggage, add travelers, reschedule flight, cancel flight and do the other changes into booking by contacting the customer care on manage booking number.

Some more services that can be added through Kuwait Airways customer service are:

  • Adding special meal: Kuwait Airways has special menu other than standard menu that is available on Kuwait Airways airlines for its customers. So if a passenger has special order like low gluten meal, low calorie meal, low salt meal, low fat meal etc on its menu and if a passenger has not added it during booking, then, passenger can add meal after booking but before flight departure.
  • Adding hotel for accommodation or car for transportation: If a passenger needs a place to stay when he/she arrives at destination and needs car for transportation, then, passenger can add both facility while booking or even after managing the booking.

Kuwait Airways provides easy booking modes and it has started several helpline numbers, so that, customers do not face congestion and get easily connected to the customer service.

Another helpline number that a customer can call on to get the booking done is Kuwait Airways booking number. Go through following procedure to get the booking done:

  • A passenger can contact the customer care by dialling helpline number.
  • Customer care executive receives your passenger call.
  • Passenger needs to specify the requirement when he/she needs to fly, departure point, arrival point and other requirements.
  • Customer care representative searches for flight.
  • Provide additional information to do the booking.
  • Make payment.

A passenger can go through above procedure to make changes into booking. Also, in case, if you need to make query regarding Kuwait Airways booking or needed to know about flight status, flight timing and other services of Kuwait Airways, then, you can contact the customer service.

Deals and offers of Kuwait Airways!

Kuwait Airways provides best deals and offers to various destination whether passenger needs to fly for vacation or needed to make regular work/business trip, passenger can contact the customer service and specify the destination and customer care searches for deals and if there is any kind of deal available, passenger can proceed for booking the same.

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