Details About Fiji Airways:

Fiji Airways which was formerly known as Air Pacific is the flag carrier airline of Fiji which operates international services from its hubs in Fiji to 23 cities and 13 countries that includes New Zealand, Australia, Tuvalu, Tonga, Vanuatu, Kiribati, Samoa, and Solomon Islands, Singapore, the United States and Hong Kong. Its network is extended to 108 international destinations. The planes are intended for the regional services to New Zealand, Samoa, Solomon Island, Australia, Hawaii, Tonga, Samoa, and Vanuatu.

Features of Fiji Airways:

Talking about the features of Fiji Airways, the passenger will experience the warmth and friendliness once you onboard the flight. Our full-service economy class has great in-flight services that include entertainment, meals, and Wi-Fi.

About Entertainment:

Fiji Airways provides the In-flight entertainment on the flight offers a selection of movies, CD albums, TV programs and audio to help the time fly by.

The seatback entertainment onboard is offered by Fiji Airways with hours of entertainments from the ease of your seat. So, you can sit back, enjoy and relax watching our gate-to-gate wide range selection of movies, music and shows, and TV shows.

About Meals:

The meals of Fiji Airways are included in the price of your airline ticket.

  • Two meals services on the longer routes to Hong Kong and the USA can be expected by the passengers whereas they can expect a snack or hot meal on the shorter flights.
  • Castaway Island Resort executive chef Lance Seeto has been contacted to create the inflight meal in the business class and local Fiji cocktails and mocktails are served.
  • If you want to book special meals, then you can book that during the booking process or you can contact the airline’s reservations.


You will stay connected at 30,000 feet by connecting to the Wi-Fi from your iPhone, iPad, smartphones or tablets.

Flight Travel Classes Of Fiji Airways:

Two travel class options are available at Fiji Airways. They are:

Economy class: Elegant and relaxed cabin décor and naturally friendly cabin crew is offered by our economy class so that the guests can sit back and relax and also enjoy the hospitality of the most welcoming cultures of the world. The complimentary in-flight entertainment can be enjoyed by the guests and also the international services of Fiji Airways. A wide range of the movies and the TV programs can be enjoyed by the guests from classics to comedies alongside a range of audio channels that includes 40 hits to Hindi hits and the dedicated channels for children.

Business-class: The discerning travelers are offered an exclusive and unique class of travel. They can enjoy dedicated check-in, express airport lanes, and increased baggage allowance and also access to lounge facilities at the selected airports. Three-course fine dining, a range of fine liquor, wines and spirits and a selection of cheese can be enjoyed by the passengers traveling in the Fiji Airways business class. Full range of inflight entertainment can be selected by the customers of business class.

What Is The Booking Process For Fiji Airways?

If you want to know the booking process of Fiji Airways, then you should follow these steps:

  • The first step of booking is to open the official website of Fiji Airways and you have to click on the box that is present on the screen.
  • You then have to enter the place from where you have to depart in the column “Leaving from” and enter the place where you want to go in the column “Going to” and choose the travel dates. The remaining thing is to choose the travel class in which you want to travel and click on the “Search flight”.
  • Then, the next step is to choose the flight that is suitable for you and click on “Select”. A webpage will appear wherein you have to enter all the details of the flight and then the thing left is the payment. Click on “Proceed to Payment” and click on the continue.
  • Next, the thing left is choosing the mode of payment and once you have completed that, there will an appearance of the page and you will be asked to fill in the detail of the debit card/credit card, etc. and after filling in the details, click on submit.

  • A web page will appear with all the details and this information will be sent to your email address.

Finding The Best Deals?

There are many good deals that you can find if you want to fly with Fiji Airways. This airline is customer-centric and thinks of its clients on the priority basis and this is the reason that they keep their fares at a reasonable price so that a budget-friendly trip can be provided to the client and s/he should feel contented. The facilities that are provided are implemented thinking about the needs and the requirements of the clients so that they are fully satisfied and give positive feedbacks and reviews.

Fiji Airways reservation number is of great help for the clients who look for assistance.

They can call on the Fiji Airways phone number for the help they need.

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