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Bluebird is a significant airline of Greece with its head office at Heraklion International Airport in Heraklion. It operates scheduled as well as cargo services from Tel Aviv. The major destinations of Bluebird include Rome, Kos, Berlin, Budapest, Heraklion, and Bucharest.

It provides top-of-the-line services to the passengers and makes them available with Bluebird Airways Customer Service Number where individuals can contact to resolve any of their queries.

Features of Bluebird Airways:

Planning to fly with Bluebird Airways? Well, you can experience a pleasant journey along with various amenities of Bluebird Airways.

Here are the fascinating features of Bluebird Airways:

  • Passengers traveling on Bluebird Airways can avail on-demand services throughout the journey.
  • It offers a number of payment methods for the ease of passengers.
  • Individuals can book a car and hotel along with their flight, on a great discount.
  • Present the passengers with easy access to Bluebird Airways Customer Service.
  • Baggage allowance of Bluebird Airways: Passengers on Bluebird are allowed to carry one piece of carry-on baggage per person with a maximum weight of 8 Kg.
  • It allows travelers to carry one piece of checked luggage without paying any additional charge. The weight of checked baggage should not exceed 20 kg with the maximum dimensions of 158 cm, including length, breadth, and height.

Also, it gives the facility to make changes to a booked flight online. If you are not compatible with the process to make changes to your booked ticket, you can dial Bluebird Airways Reservation Number and can avail instant assistance.

Classes of Bluebird Airways:

Bluebird Airways is known to render outstanding services in its distinct cabin classes. Passengers can book their flight in their preferred class on Bluebird, depending upon their choice and need.

Here is the list of cabin classes served by Bluebird Airways:

  • Economy class
  • Economy Premium class
  • Business class.
  • First class

To avail outstanding services and additional amenities during the journey, passengers can book their flight in the First class or Business class or Bluebird Airways. Also, it provides top-line services to the passengers in a pocket-friendly manner in its Economy class.

To get more information about the services and amenities, passengers can dial Bluebird Airways Customer Service Number over the phone.

Know the booking process of Bluebird Airways:

Reserving a seat on Bluebird airways is not a herculean task as booking a flight is just a click away. It introduces a hassle-free procedure of flight booking where passengers can easily pick their desired flight online.

Passengers can get their flight booked from the booking window or by visiting the booking API of Bluebird online.

If you want to book your flight online on Bluebird, here are the associated steps:

  • First of all, open the official site of Bluebird Airways or alternatively, you may land on the booking API.
  • Select the option of flight type like one-way or round trip.
  • Input the journey details like your boarding point, destination city and do mention the date of your travel.
  • Now, press the option of Get Flights.
  • Doing so will make you available with a list of all the flights on your date of journey.
  • Pick a suitable flight for your travel and proceed with your booking process.
  • Select the number of passengers by specifying them as adults, infants, and the senior citizen,
  • After feeding all the details, move to make the payment.
  • Now, you will be redirected to the payment merchandise page.
  • Give the details regarding your payment.
  • If you have any promo code for booking a flight on Bluebird Airways then you can apply it to get a discount on your booking.

After completing the procedure, you will get notified from the airline and the details of your flight will be sent to the registered contact information.

For any guidance, while booking the flight, passengers can feel free to dial Bluebird Airways Booking Number.

Additionally, passengers can also get their flight booked by getting in touch with the Bluebird Airways booking executives. The executives over the phone will ask the concern of the passengers and process their requests immediately.

Fascinating Deals and Discounts of Bluebird Airways:

Getting a discounted flight on Bluebird is not a point of hassle. Passengers can avail various deals and discounts on flight booking, just by being a bit quicker.

  • Bluebird Airways reveals seasonal offers for the passengers.
  • It offers special discounts for regular and frequent travelers.
  • Also, it provides a discount on getting a flight and hotel package.
  • Bluebird Airways also provides cashback offers to the passengers on booking a flight online.
  • Not only this, Bluebird announces its festival offers for the passengers during the popular festive seasons.

Passengers can book a discounted flight on Bluebird by planning their trip in advance as booking an advance flight on Bluebird always proves fruitful and cheap. Thus, with all these pieces of information, you can accomplish a smooth journey on Bluebird Airways.

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