Azul Airlines: Features, Booking Policy, Class and Best Of Deals

Azul Airlines also known as Azul Brazilian Airline is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The basic goal of the company has always been providing affordable flight tickets to people who can’t afford buying expensive air tickets. Ten years down the line, airline now holds a major market share in both domestic and international flights. Azul Airline works for its passengers providing air travel to all. Currently Azul is operating its services in more than hundred destinations. So if you also want to book tickets with Azul, then you can either book online or call up on Azul Airlines phone number. But before that you should know what this airline is all about. You can refer to below details for it.

Salient Features of Azul Airlines:

  • The biggest feature of this airline is, it provides cheap and economical flights to everybody.
  • Ever since it was launched, Azul has emerged as fastest growing airline in Brazil in last ten years.
  • Azul is known to be Brazil’s first flight ever to have entertainment monitors on every screen of the flight.
  • Azul Airlines also gives it customers the access of booking flight last minute in case of emergency or last minute plan.
  • In almost all the flights you will find extra leg room and comfortable seats. Talking about food and beverages, it offers complimentary snacks and variety of main course and drinks.
  • Azul also gives its passengers access to do web check in from home or office itself to save time from airport check in.

Hence all of these unique traits of Azul can provoke anyone to travel on board with Azul at least once while travelling to Brazil.

Types of Classes in Azul Airlines:

Azul Airlines also provide for variety of classes depending upon your budget therefore wile booking ticket you will get an option of class section from where you can pick your own class ranging from:

  • Economy
  • Business class
  • First class

Note that depending on the class you have booked your seat in, you will be entitled to few benefits as well such as quick check in, lounges for waiting till flight is announced etc. You can follow below steps and book your tickets in desired class suiting our pocket. You can even call up on Azul Airlines reservations number and request for it.

Booking Procedure of Azul Airlines:

  • Navigate to the official website of Azul Airlines or any third party website for booking air flights.
  • Tap on the flight booking option.
  • Once the page loads start filling in all the details required for booking. Mention all required details such as
  • Destination, time and date of travel, class, number of passengers and round trip or one way.
  • Once you have filled all the details you can cross check it and tap on search/find flights.
  • Lot of flight options will pop up suiting your budget as well as time.

Choose one flight, proceed further and make the payment and you are done.

Now once you have booked flight tickets with Azul Airlines you can modify it too. In case of change in plans, or cancelled trip because of any emergency you can get it cancelled online or by calling on Azul Airlines manage booking number. Also while booking flight Azul Airlines also gives access to pick your own class depending upon your budget. Thereby you can refer to below points while choosing class you want to travel in.

Attractive deals of Azul Airlines:

Since Azul provides for cheapest of flight tickets therefore you can refer to their latest offers for booking flight tickets. Plan your trip accordingly in order to book your flight ticket at much cheaper rates. You can also go to other websites from where you can book Azul tickets. You can compare the prices as which one is cheapest and book accordingly.


Therefore you can access to above information for booking your flight tickets. Also in case of further query or information one can reach out to customer support through Azul Airlines customer service number.

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