Know Everything About Your Favourite Asiana Airlines

Asiana airline is one of the major airline services of South Korea which is used to fly both passengers and cargo goods across the world. This airline is headquartered in Asiana Town building and consists of 83 aircraft in its fleet. These aircraft are used to carry passengers to over 90 destinations worldwide. This airline is known to offer commendable service to its passengers. If you are thinking to travel with this airline then you can be assured as they will not disappoint you by the type of service rendered by Asiana Airlines. Read this article to know more about the airlines that you are travelling in.

Get to Know About the Interesting Features By Asiana Airlines

To come to know this airline more closely let us discuss the features that are offered and introduced exclusively for its passengers.

  • To start with, the aircraft of Asiana Airlines are divided into different classes that range from low to high from fare charges and services.
  • This airline has also introduced in-flight dining so that if the flight is a long-haul then passenger can relax easily and have refreshments and relish their taste buds.
  • Apart from this, the passenger can also pass its time by switching on the television screen that features the latest movies and promotional videos.
  • The seats of the passengers can be reclined or turned into bed depending on which cabin class you have preferred.
  • Besides, Asiana Airlines also has a friendly approach for its passengers so that they feel like home even while travelling.
  • The creativity of this airline has enabled to be one of the competitors in the market and also has taken quite good time to give the high-quality service to its customers as well as its employees.

Knowing about the basic features and functions of Asiana Airline, let us now discuss various cabin classes of this airline.

Exploring the Different Cabins of Asiana Airlines

Asiana airlines offer five cabin classes-- First Suite, Business Smartium and Business, Economy Smartium and Economy. The features of each class are mentioned below.

a) First Suite

If you want to experience luxury and leisure then you choose to travel in this class as this is the most prestigious class of Asiana airlines. The features are mentioned below and then decide to book Asiana Airlines flight tickets.

  • This class has been offered with a full flat-bed seat to provide you with sound sleep.
  • You can also have privacy by closing the two sliding doors to have the personal space.
  • You can also enjoy your travel with 32-inch television screen and also with exclusive in-flight wifi service.
  • You can also opt for in-flight dining which can be customised as per your mood.

b) Business Smartium: You will experience luxury in the same way as First class. The only difference is that the seats are provided with easy access to the aisle.

c) Business Class: This class is also the same as first class and you can experience luxury with maximised comfort with direct and easy access to the aisle. The difference comes down to its fare charges and services.

d) Economy Class: This is the class preferred by masses and has the lowest rates in fare charges. The seats that are provided can be reclined and not converted into a bed.

If you want to know more about this airlines then you can contact Asiana Airlines flight booking number. Furthermore, if you want to know how to grab the seat then you can follow the steps below.

  • Book your Flight Tickets with Easy Steps.
  • Launch the web browser and go to booking API of the website.
  • Tap on “Book My Travel” option available at the top of the page and select the option based on your journey.
  • Then enter your itinerary details and proceed to select the flight according to your needs and requirements.
  • Entering the personal data like name, address etc you move further to confirm your booking by entering the payment details.
  • Therefore, with the above steps, you can easily book your flight and grab the seat of your choice.

Require Assistance? Get in Touch with Asiana Airlines Customer Service

If you require any further information then you can contact toll-free Asiana Airlines reservation number which is available 24/7 at your service. You can contact any time without any hesitation.

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