Details about Air Vanuatu:

Air Vanuatu is an airline that is headquartered in Air Vanuatu House, Port Vila, Vanuatu. It is the national flag carrier of Vanuatu that operates to Australia, New Zealand and points in the South Pacific. Air Vanuatu functions 28 domestic routes throughout the country.

Features of Air Vanuatu:

If we talk about the features of Air Vanuatu, the Melanesian friendliness and warmth are experienced by the passengers once they step onboard any of our flights to Vanuatu. You will be greeted by the crew with the friendliest smiles in the pacific. Our full-service economy class has great in-flight entertainment, bar service, and meals. It is just a perfect way to start with your visit to Vanuatu Island.

  • Calm interior colors and the latest e-leather seats.
  • Entertainment, drinks, and meals are all included with your international fare to/from New Zealand and Australia.
  • Entertainment via Wi-Fi can be enjoyed by the passengers straight to your device.

In-flight entertainment is also provided by Air Vanuatu to/from New Zealand and Australia. They provide free Wi-Fi entertainment straight to your device whether it is a tablet, smart phone or iPad. The entertainment can be chosen from films TV shows, 6 radio stations, and special Vanuatu documentaries.

  • You have the option to download the Air Vanuatu entertainment app to your tablet, iPad or smart phone before you take flight. You just have to search for Air Vanuatu entertainment.
  • A selection of comedy, adventures TV shows, kids, drama shows, 6 radio channels, and documentaries are offered by this airline. They are only available via Wi-Fi streaming to your device: iPad, smart phone or tablet.
  • New widescreen over head display indicates our moving map with live data that comes straight from our aircraft’s flight management systems.

About Meals:

  • Our 5-course business class meal starts with canapés. What do you want more?
  • You will get to enjoy a 5-course meal served with wines and fresh champagne.

Classes of Air Vanuatu:

Economy class: In the economy class, the most noticeable thing is the seat width and the pitch. The pitch can vary from 28-34 and the width can be between 17-33 in. there is one step above the economy class and that is “economy plus” that means you are flying with the same service as economy but you have got few extra inches of legroom and seat recline.

Premium Economy class: The Premium Economy class provides you with a dedicated lounge at the airport and the seats will be in a different cabin. There will be a greater pitch, better food, large TV screens, and a great luggage allowance.

Business Class: Everyone says that if you travel in the business class for once, you will never be happy in the economy class. The luxuries provided in the Air Vanuatu business class can be seen apparently. Pre-flight drinks in the real glasses, meals served with proper knives and forks, and fully flat-bed seats are the general standard for the business class. Not only this, the seat goes as wide as 34 in and the pitch to 87 in. the bar in the business class is a semi-circular, fully-stocked bar that serves hot and cold snacks as well as the cocktails. What else do you want?

First-class: It is the pinnacle of air travel which is reserved for the celebrities and the super-rich. The standard of services offered in the first class is incomparable. The highly trained crew is capable of anticipating every need of the passenger. The standard of the food raises its bar, with many dishes and meals created by Michelin, starred chefs.

Let us know about the booking process in Air Vanuatu:

The booking for one way, the round trip can be done from the official website. You can also choose and book for Economy, business and First-class air ticket reservation. It is now easy to fly with Air Vanuatu. You just have to follow certain steps. They are:

  • Select Air Vanuatu origin and it will provide you with all airport list
  • Choose the date and the place where you want to visit.
  • You also have to choose the travel class and then hit the search button. The best airfares will be ready for you.
  • Choose a suitable timings with the best timings and stops.
  • Enter all your important information and the passport information for your selected flight.
  • The last step is to do the payment.

Best deals of Air Vanuatu:

Many good deals are waiting for you and with a great range of cheap Air Vanuatu fares, you can enjoy booking with confidence. The airline operates by keeping the customer-focused at all times. You can get everything you need as a traveler right here whether you are flying for the business purpose or pleasure. With the convenience provided to book the flight and no additional charges, you will gain the experience that you would like to talk about. You can also check-in online and can avail the customer-centric facilities provided.

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