About Air New Zealand Airlines Customer Service Number

Air New Zealand has destinations to more than fifteen countries and provides facility around Pacific Rim and the United Kingdom. Air New Zealand has been into the avian industry for more than fifty decades and has kept pace with the changing time. If you need to get to your destination around Pacific Rim or the United Kingdom, you can call on Air New Zealand airlines customer service number to get your bookings done and for more enquiry about flight status, date and time of flight. You can also manage your booking by calling on the customer service number.

Features of Air New Zealand Airlines

Air New Zealand has attractive features like you can get inflight entertainment and there are attractive lounges so that you can relax and rev up yourself for your next task, lounges may or may not be available en route to your destination, so you get the lounge facility based upon certain conditions, so you need to ensure during booking if lounge facility is available on your route.
Also, Air New Zealand has special feature of seat chat which allows a traveler to chat with friends and families members on board and you need not to leave your seat.
For details you can contact on Air New Zealand Airlines Phone Number. Also, Air New Zealand has special offers on vacation packages and also introduces attractive offers for its customers.

Classes in Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand has following classes:

Business Class: When you choose to travel from business class, Air New Zealand prioritises your services, you get to board on plane through priority gates. On board, you get extra comfort and also you get to stay on lounges if lounge facility is available en route to your destination, also there are variety of meals to choose from on Air New Zealand. Also, you can choose to watch from hundreds of movies, can choose to play from hundreds of games and listen from the list of songs.

Premium Economy: in premium economy class, there is some extra legroom so it is all a win win situation to get your bookings done in premium economy class.

Economy: You can customize your economy class ticket by adding some facilities like if you need to order for special meals, you can add this facility on your economy ticket, there is wide variety of food available on Air New Zealand food menu. For more details, you can contact the customer service agent/executive on Air New Zealand Airlines Phone Number.

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