Accomplish Your Trip to Beautiful Singapore

Singapore has been the most beautiful ethnic and modern clean small but prosperous island nation.It is both a city and country. The location of Singapore is off the southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia in Southeast Asia. It is a sovereign city state and island country in South -East Asia.

You can get cheap flights to Singapore and visit the places in Singapore which are spellbinding, mouth gaping and also make you to visit it often with your family or friends.

You can visit Singapore throughout the year but if you need to see the Dragon effect, plan your travel between mid -january and mid -february when the Chinese New Year could be celebrated. Chinese years are based on the lunar calendar, so, Chinese New Year is celebrated on the first day of the lunar calendar. You can watch the festive spirit at China Town where people celebrate with the Dragon. Dragon and Lion dancers make amazing dance moves and make the festival alive.

And there is much more apart from Chinese New Year, you can visit River Safari which boasts to be Asia’s first and river -themed wildlife park and there are more than 5000 aquatic and terrestrial animals which represent around 300 different species.

At Giant Panda Forest, you can watch the cute pandas munching bamboos, playing in the group, which is a mouth gaping experience.

Explore Singapore and Travel with Direct Flight to Singapore

If you are fond of classic architecture marvels, you can visit Tang Dynasty architectural style Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum. This museum contains the relic of Buddha which was found in collapsed Stupa in Myanmar in 1980.There is much more fun stored in Singapore with Merlion Park, Jurong Bird Park. You can get cheap flights to Singapore
and refresh your mood.

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