How can You Get Cheap Flights to Christchurch?

New Zealand has been quickly growing up the ranks on the world tourism scale. The island nation has been blessed with natural beauty and gorgeous locations, which would be any traveler's dream. One can experience the place by looking for cheap flights to Christchurch. Located in the district of Canterbury, Christchurch is a place of elegance mixed with various cultures and appealing geography. 

Best Season to Visit in Christchurch

Christchurch's weather

Christchurch is inarguably a favorite among the weather gods, as the city experiences seasons ranging from Autumn, Winter, Summer, Spring, and rainfall. Despite the varied seasons, the place still enjoys pleasant weather and each season has its beauty for the tourists.


  • The Autumn season graces Christchurch from March to May, and the temperature stays in the range of 14 °C to 18 °C.
  • This is the driest time in Christchurch and the busiest, with numerous explorers visiting the city.


Winters thrive in the city from June to August. The temperatures are quite chilly, and the winters are frosty, with the temperature being between 11 °C to 13 °C. Sunshine is available during the daytime, while nights can record temperatures as low as 0 °C. 


  • September to November heralds the arrival of springtime, and the place upholds its epithet of the "Garden City." One can see a wide variety of flower species, colorful and fragrant, growing all around the place. 
  • The sun shines sharper, and temperatures become moderate to "15 °C to 17 °C. This is the quietest time in Christchurch, full of beauty and calm. 

Top attractions in Christchurch

Orana Wildlife park

The whole wildlife park hosts a diverse animal populace, and one can visit here to see Tigers, Lions, Tasmanian devils, and Gorillas. The park can be covered on foot in 3-5 hours and get close and personal with some exotic animals. Thus, one can look for cheap flight tickets to Christchurch for an exciting vacation. From feeding giraffes by hand to checking a rhino up close, the place is one of its kind in whole New Zealand.

TranzAlpine train

  • This is the most aesthetically pleasing train journey in New Zealand, which is a total of 5 hours.
  • The train leaves from Troupe Drive Addington in Christchurch to Greymouth and operates once a day throughout the year.
  • Adult tickets are generally available for $110 to $180 for adults and $76-$125 for children 16 years and under.

Port Hills

This is one of the gems in New Zealand. Located in Christchurch, one has to visit Port hills in Autumn. The whole place is full of rocky hillocks and bushy gullies. One can immediately fall into a sense of carefree freedom and beauty all around while on a trek, and the Puff Up Rapaki is one of the best trek paths one can go through here.

How to get cheap tickets to Christchurch?

  • The best way to book a cheap flight to Christchurch is by booking tickets on Tuesday afternoon or a Sunday since statistics show flight tickets to be cheapest in these hours.
  • Look to fly during a weekday or off-season since fewer people book flights on these occasions.
  • One should avoid the festival season and weekends to travel as much as possible as seat reservations are costly due to their higher demands.
  • Use the low fare calendar to get flight tickets at low prices, and make sure to book in advance. 

In any case, avoid waiting for the mythical last-minute deals. Thus, one can get incredibly priced cheap flights to Christchurch by using the procedure mentioned above and enjoy their vacations in Christchurch.


Are there working areas for business travelers at Christchurch International Airport?

At Christchurch International airport Manaia Lounge offers separate working space, fax machines, and internet facilities for business class travelers to have their work done. 

Are there on-site hotels at Christchurch International Airport?

Yes, there are a lot of hotels which you can choose to stay at Christchurch International Airport. The hotels which you can choose are listed here;

  • Sudima Hotel
  • Commodore Hotel 
  • Airport Palms Motel.

However, if your traveling time is scheduled at night or at odd time, you can use Christchurch International airport's on-site services.

Does Christchurch International Airport have shower facilities?

Yes, at Christchurch International Airport, passengers do get facilitated with the services of showers because those passengers, who are traveling on a long-haul flight, will get the facility of showering at the airport so that they get happy and relaxation from log hour travel. This International airport has halls designed for arrived passengers with free showers. Moreover, a shower facility is given at check-in and international departure times.

Does Christchurch airport have lounges?

Yes, Christchurch airport does provide the facility of lounges for the arrived passenger's comfort and entertainment. The Air New Zealand domestic lounge is located on the airport's ground floor, next to Gate 3-14, and is available for Elite and Koru members. Lastly, the New Zealand International lounge is located near international departures and is available for business class members.

What is the cheapest flight to Christchurch Airport?

If you are traveling to Christchurch airport, cheap flights to Christchurch start from around $500 to $850, and it will vary according to your trip type and the destination you started traveling to.

How far is Christchurch Airport from central Christchurch?

The distance between Christchurch airports from Central Christchurch is around 6 miles which you have to cover to reach in time.

What is the name of Christchurch's airport?

The name of Christchurch airport is referred to as Christchurch or Christchurch Intl, and the airport code is known as CHC.

How does Travomart find such low prices on flights to Christchurch?

The method which Travomart uses as a search engine to search low prices on a flight to Christchurch for various passengers is by looking across the different web portals to find the best flight prices for the customers, due to which it becomes more convenient for Travomart to display a variety of fare prices and various options on flights to Christchurch.

How does Travomart's flight Price Forecast tool help me choose the right time to buy my flight ticket to Christchurch?

At Travomart, the flight price forecast tool helps the customer in such a way that they can easily book tickets or wait for the best price. The Travomart flight price forecast tool works like it searches the past data and analysis to determine whether the price of a flight to Christchurch will change or not.

What is the Hacker Fare option on flights to Christchurch?

As a simple statement, the Hacker Fare option can combine one-way tickets to save passengers a lot of money over a traditional round-trip ticket. Then you can pursue your trip to Christchurch with an airline and back with another airline.

What is Travomart's "flexible dates" feature, and why should I care when looking for a flight to Christchurch?

The option of using the Flexible dates feature is relatively easy because, in any case, your preferred date wiggles, then this option will show you all the options when to fly Christchurch up to 3 days before or after your preferred dates and then you can easily have the option to pick the suitable date.

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