Why is Air Canada so Expensive?

The reasons that affect Air Canada airline's flight tickets are uncountable. This particular airline has got best amenities, satisfying in-flight services, a supportive and dedicated customer service team, and affordable flights to whatnot. If you want to know why Air Canada is so expensive, read out this article to learn about the factors that affect Air Canada flight rates. All the airfares are dynamic, so the key point changes by the time its departure time approaches. This post will also explain some of the techniques through which you can get affordable flight booking deals with Air Canada airlines.

Reasons behind expensive Air Canada flight tickets

It is always a good idea to book a flight in advance so that you can save some money to spend anywhere else. Apart from this, Air Canada airlines have many other reasons, which are highlighted down below, that affect the ticket being expensive to book:

  • Air Canada Airlines is humongous in its respective region, so there is less chance of competition. This is one of the advantages that Air Canada airline has, which also affects the plane ticket price as there is no other airlines service provider who can provide such facilities at lower rates.
  • The flight tickets become expensive during peak times, such as festival days when the demand is higher than the supply of tickets. Flight fare automatically increases as the demand increases for Air Canada airlines flight booking.
  • One of the most generic reasons air Canada airfare is so expensive is that Canada's taxes and fees are very high. The authority decides all the taxes, so there is nothing that airlines can do to avoid them.
  • Air Canada airline consists of higher operating costs that include higher labor costs, higher administrative costs, and higher fuel costs, along with the taxes that lead to its ticket price being expensive. 
  • Air Canada airlines facilitate the free wi-fi service, in-flight entertainment resources, and many other tv shows, movies, etc., for the long haul journeys.
  • All the Air Canada flight passengers get complimentary food and beverages during long journeys, which are included in their ticket price. Also, this airline maintains higher hygiene standards, so there is no need to compromise with the pricing.

These are the most exact factors that affect the pricing of Air Canada tickets. Now let's look at some of the basic techniques to help you save money on the Air Canada flight booking.

Things to do for saving money on flight booking with Air Canada airlines:

  • Try to book a flight at least before 30 days of your actual travels date to get an affordable deal on flight booking with Air Canada airlines.
  • Make sure to search for the flight on incognito mode so that your device cannot save any information and show you the exact real price on each visit.
  • Booking a flight for odd hours, such as early morning or midnight, can also help you save money as these are the non-peak hours that are less preferable by all the passengers to travel.
  • You can save money on flight booking by becoming a member of the frequent flyer program offered by the airlines. 
  • Try to book a halt flight instead of a non-stop flight to avoid paying more on tickets as they are cheaper than the direct ones.

Hence this is how you can book a cheaper flight, and also, this was all the information that can help you know why air Canada is so expensive for journeys. For any additional assistance, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Air Canada agent.

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