What is The Pet Policy for Spirit Airlines?

Go Through Following to Know About Pet Policy for Spirit Airlines!

If you wish to carry the pet on the Spirit Airlines, there are certain rules and regulations that you need to check out that come under pet policy for airlines. Go through following to get an elucidation of pet policy:

  • If you need to book your seat for International travel, Spirit Airlines does not allow animals on International flights but same is not the case with the service animals.
  • There are documents that might be required regarding the service animals while moving on International flights.
  • When you are carrying the pet, it is mandatory that container size must be within 18”X14”X9” including length, breadth and height. Combined weight of pet and teh container must be within 40 pounds and pet has to able to stand and turn around in the container.
  • Spirit Airlines never transports pets in the Cargo plane.

Other important guidelines to be followed when bringing the pets are:

  • The pet has not to be ill, violent or in physical distress and if the pet becomes too offensive, causes disruption, before leaving the gate, the pet is removed.
  • Pet should be calm and must not cause any harm during flight.
  • Specific kinds of pets are not allowed on certain flights like Spirit Airlines does not allow the birds to and from the cities in Puerto Rico, St Thomas.
  • There are some animals that are never accepted on Spirit Airlines flight. These pets are snakes, rodents and spiders.

When you wish to board the plane, you are required to present the animal to the security checkpoint screeners for screening of the animals. If you need additional information, you can contact the customer care of Spirit Airlines!

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