What Happens if I Miss my United Airlines Flight?

United Airlines is one of the most luxurious and expensive airlines globally. The airline's services are fantastic and have always helped the passengers ride safely and securely to their travel destination. United Airlines has a big name in the aviation industry and falls among the top airlines across the globe. So, if you are worried because you missed a United Airlines flight, then you should refer to the information written below to figure out your way and what to do when you miss a United Airlines flight. 

What are the possible things you can do when you miss a flight? 

Many things can be done when you wonder what to do when I miss my United Airlines flight. So, stop worrying when you have missed a flight. The list of ways that can take you away from the fear of missing a United flight is as written below: 

Inform the airline

This has to be the very first thing that should be done. If you know you will be late; then the wisest thing is to call the airlines and inform them about your delayed flight. When they know you are getting late for a reason and that, too, is a genuine reason, they will understand and help you further. 

You can either dial the United Airlines Phone Number or arrive at the ticket desk at least half an hour before your departure is scheduled, so the airline will most probably book you another United Airlines flight. 

Stand by List 

You also have the option to join the standby list. The standby list is of the passengers that want to get accommodated on the next United Airlines flight with the same destination. So, getting on this will get you on priority. As soon as seats are available, you get on the flight. 


Now, this one is an undeniable kind of option. You have to let the airlines know that your java missed your flight, and they will help you rebook it. Also, you should know that when you are talking with the assistant, you are extremely polite and well-behaved so that you get on their priority list and all other necessary help in booking a flight.

United Airlines Missed flight policy. 

You must be wondering about the terms and conditions when you miss your United Airlines flight. So, don't ponder anymore. What's written below will help you through the missed flight policy of United Airlines. 

When you miss a flight due to a technical glitch 

So, when you have missed a flight because of a technical glitch, it is United Airlines's fault, and they are to be held responsible for whatever caused you to miss your flight. Henceforth, they will help you find another flight and rebook your flight, or they will give you a full refund if you apply for the same. 

When you miss a flight due to bad weather 

United is a very understanding website and has always kept the security of its passengers on top; before anything, it is the passenger for them. So, if you happen to miss your flight, then you will figure out your flight due to bad weather, and you will find that the airlines will be helpful and will help you in rebooking your flight. So you will then be able to find the next flight on United Airlines after the one you have missed. 

When you missed your flight because of your fault 

So, now this one needs some struggle to be done. What you have to do is to let the assistant know that you have missed your flight. United does have to offer you flight rebooking once your flight ticket is done. The airline does provide you with the services to offer you for flight rebooking and help you in getting to your flight destination. 

What after you miss United Airlines connecting flights? 

Okay, now there are also times you miss connecting flights, so what are you supposed to do? Now, when you have missed a connecting flight with United Airlines or any of its codeshare flight partners because of their fault, you will get your flight rebooked. However, if it has been done because you missed the flight, you will have to find the airline's assistant and inform them about the same. 

How to Rebook a Missed Flight?

There are different methods to rebook a United Airlines flight and figure out your way through your travel destination. Refer to the ways to rebook your flight written below: 

The official website

  • You have first to visit the official website of United Airlines. You should then register your account with your credentials. 
  • Visit the menu bar, and then you will have to click on the "Manage Booking" tab. Fill in the details like your last name and your booking reference number. 
  • Then you will see your flight details and find the various relevant options you can choose from. So, it would help if you used to rebook or relocate a suitable flight.
  • Now, you will be able to see a list of available flights. Choose the one which suits you. Then, you will have to pay the fare difference for the same flight. Or if there are any other charges. 
  • Once your flight is rebooked, you will receive a confirmation mail from United Airlines. 

Via Call 

You can even call the customer services of United Airlines and get the rebooking done. You have to dial the official number of the airline; then, you will have the IVR on the call with you; they will ask you to select your language and the purpose of calling the United Airlines help desk. You are then supposed to press the number accordingly, and then when connected with the assistant, you are to follow their instructions and answer their questions for rebooking. 

Bottom Line 

Now, this is the end to all the information associated with answering your question, What happens if I miss my United Airlines flight? Hopefully, you receive all your answers the same, but if you still stand a doubt, then you can quickly get a hold of the customer services of United Airlines, and through that reason, you will be done with getting a resolution from them. And also, don't be hesitant and think about time; they are available 24 hours and 365 days a. 

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