What are United Airlines Covid Policies?

Everything You Should Know About United Airlines Covid-19 Policy

Traveling to one of your preferred routes with United Airlines? Then make sure that you have complete knowledge about the Covid rules prescribed by United Airlines that one will have to follow before and on-board traveling. Every traveler needs to follow the Covid restrictions during the travel with United Airlines to their preferred route. But most travelers ask about what are United Airlines Covid policies for traveling, and if you are one among those, you must know about that.

Covid Testing requirements for United Airlines

Know about the mandatory requirements for the Covid test when traveling with United Airlines can help you to make the process smoother, and you will have to follow the below instructions for that:

  • It is mandatory to prove the Covid negative test, and the test should be done within 72 hours or three days before the journey.
  • Make sure that the traveler’s name is properly mentioned on the Covid test report, and if it is not mentioned, then traveling is not allowed.
  • Traveler’s age 2 years or more are allowed to wear a face mask during the travel and also carry sanitizer with them.

United Airlines Covid policy when traveling within the United States

  • If you are traveling within the United States, you can go through the mail-in testing option offered by United Airlines to save the time of a passenger.
  • You can order the mail-in test within 72 hours before your scheduled departure of the flight, and you will get the result within 24 or 48 hours before travel.

United Airlines Covid policy when traveling to the United States

  • If you are traveling to the United States from your preferred destination, it is mandatory to show the negative Covid testing report.
  • The provided test is not older than 3 days and should be performed as per the appropriate way of testing.
  • Travelers have to show the proof of Covid negative report in written where the traveler's name must be mentioned.

Request can be made during travel with United Airlines

  • Travelers can ask airlines to clean the seats before seating with a disinfector or any required liquid.
  • Travelers can ask for a separate seat if there is any availability inside the plane during the journey.
  • Travelers may also ask for a sanitizer, disinfector, or facemask if needed due to the varied safety purposes.

If you still have any queries regarding United Airlines Covid policies, then directly contact the customer service team of United Airlines to obtain the required information on every single query.

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