What Is Pet Policy Of Volaris Airlines?

Travel With Your Pet Is Now Much Easier With a Reliable Volaris Airlines Pet Policy

Being an animal lover one of the most difficult things is that you can’t leave your pet alone for a single minute. But these situations become wired and irritated when you travel to your preferred destination or on vacation via flights because it is almost difficult to travel with pets via air. Well, if you have booked your flight ticket with Volaris airlines, then you don’t any need to be tensed as you can simply travel with your pet. Volaris airlines allow the pet to travel and one can very easily travel with their pets to multiple destinations.

What is the Pet Policy of Volaris Airlines?

Do you wish to travel with your pet on Volaris airlines? Then you can simply do that. But there are multiple rules and restrictions prescribed by the Volaris airlines and make sure that you know about the Volaris airlines pet policy which is very important to know before booking flights for your pet.

You can follow the below instructions to know about the pet policy:

  • Only small dogs and cats are allowed to travel in the flight. Some harmful breeds are prohibited to carry such as stubbed nose dog and others.
  • Only 2 pets per passenger are allowed to travel on a flight.
  • The maximum weight of the pet carrier should not more than 45 kg including the pet carrier and pet.
  • The dimension of carrier should be 17 x 12 x 7 and does not exceeds this limit. Your pet carrier and per both should be neat and clean.
  • Volaris airlines don’t allow to travel your pet in the cabin as they are allowed to travel as checked baggage.
  • With the help of above-described Volaris airlines pet policy, you can easily travel with your pets to your preferred destination and if you have still any query, then contact the customer service team to know more about pet policy.
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