Upgrade Economy To Air Canada Business Class

Ways to Upgrade to Air Canada Business Class

Business class has its own benefits and luxuries like super comfortable seats, extra baggage allowance, priority check-in and boarding and so on. Anyone would want to fly in the business class. If you want to upgrade your seat then you can do it. Air Canada Business Class upgrade can be done through these different ways.

1. Bid upgrade

Passengers can upgrade their seat by making an offer or bid to be upgraded to business class. Passengers can place a bid up to 72 hours before the flight departure by entering their booking details on Manage booking option on the airline’s website. The airline will inform the passenger 48 hours before the departure if the bid is accepted. If the bid is successful then the bid amount will be charged and the upgrade will show on boarding pass otherwise the ticket will stay as it is.

2. eUpgrade

Passengers can upgrade their seat through eUpgrade Credits. If you are an Air Canada Altitude member then you get to earn eUpgrade Credits if you choose them as your Select Privileges. You also earn or by eUpgrade Credits if you cross required Altitude eUpgrade Threshold. Passengers can exchange these eUpgrade Credits to upgrade their seat on Air Canada, Air Canada Express, and Air Canada Rouge flights.

3. Last minute upgrade

Passengers can also choose to upgrade their seat last minute by purchasing the upgrade. Last Minute Upgrade Purchase can be made 24-hour before the departure when the passenger is doing Web Check-in and 12 hour before the departure when check-in is done at a self-service check-in Kiosk. Check in needs to be done 45 minutes before departure for flights within Canada and 1 hour before departure for flights between Canada and the U.S. and for international flights departing from Canada.

If passengers face any problem related to Upgrade Air Canada Business Class or want to know anything then they can contact the customer care center.

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