How To Transport A Dead Body Via Airplane?

Important Things To Know Before Transporting A Deceased Body Via Airplane

Death is unexpected and so is the place where it might come to take someone. However, bringing the deceased person back home can be quite hard and expensive. And there are lots of things that one should keep in their mind to do this legally and less expensively. Despite this, many airlines do handle such arrangements of bringing the deceased one back to the home.

So, if you are looking for information on how much is the dead body flight cost & the process of getting the body back to home. Hence, read this post to know more.

Process Of Air-Transportation Of The Deceased Body From One Destination To Another Destination

  • Finding An Approved "Known Shipper"

An approved “Known Shipper” is an individual or entity (such as a funeral home) that is willing to help you out with the transportation of the deceased body. However, the Known Shipper must be approved by the U.S Transportation Security Administration or the any other country’s government. So ensure that your Known Shipper has an approval from your state administration or government.

  • How The Escort Process Works For Bring The Deceased Body?

Whether it’s you or the funeral home with which you have cooperated with, any of you can bring the deceased body via cargo airplanes. Either the receiver (you or the funeral home’s officials) can collect the body from the airport’s cargo terminal or you on your own can also bring the body as a shipment on a commercial flight in which you are travelling.

Besides, many states or countries only allow the body shipping after its embalming is done. Since the body is generally transported to another destination via a common carrier be it airplane, bus or train, it is crucial to embalm the body. However, if you were to Transport a Dead Body via Airplane without its embalming due to religious restrictions then you should contact your local religious leader for better guidance.

  • Cost Of Shipping A Deceased Body To Another Destination
  1. The following factors are usually kept in consideration before transporting a dead body to another destination.
  2. The shipment’s weight & the container’s cost
  3. Distance between the origin & arrival destinations
  4. Any fees charged by the funeral home(s) or the Known Shipper for their coordination.

Besides, a fee of $1000-$3000 is charged for shipping the deceased body’s remains to another destination. And the cost of receiving the shipment remains from another destination can vary from $800-$2500 plus any other funeral home or Known Shipper fees. Furthermore, if you have queries regarding the dead body flight cost or any other air-transportation process then contact your preferred aviation group professionals.

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