Pregnancy Policy Of Sun Country Airlines

What Is The Pregnancy Policy Of Sun Country Airlines?

Sun Country is one of those airlines who always keep their passenger’s priority first in any situation. Sun Country airlines follow different policies in various conditions and make it very convenient for the passengers to travel with them. Similarly, Sun Country also has a specific policy for pregnant passengers that further explains the terms and conditions for them to travel in the flight.

Sun Country Airlines Pregnancy Policy Is Further Explained In Detail Through The Points Given Below:

  • Sun Country provide some restrictions for the pregnant passengers travelling with them as they do not allow those whose expected delivery date is within the 7 days.
  • Pregnant women who are going to delivery their baby within 7 days from their travelling date are only allowed by Sun Country when they provide doctor’s note for the same.
  • This doctor’s note should state that the particular person is examined by them and must be stated physically fit by the doctor to travel by air. Doctor’s certificate must be dated within 72 hours from scheduled departure of the flight in which that particular passenger is going to travel.
  • Pregnant women who want to fly with Sun Country must provide a very recent Doctor’s note in this situation as a note older than 72 hours is not considered good enough to allow them for air travel.
  • Other pregnant women whose expected delivery is after 7 days from scheduled flight departure are allowed to travel normally like other passengers as there are not any restrictions for them.

Hope you have understood the above discussed Sun Country Airlines pregnancy policy. In case you want to know more regarding Sun Country Airlines pregnancy policy or you are confused about something get help from their customer support team about the same.

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