Southwest Airlines Infant Policy And Fare

Rules for a carrying a baby on Southwest Airlines Flight

Travelling with a baby brings along a lot of responsibilities and extra care. You need to pay extra attention on them regarding their meals, sleep and comfort level. American based Southwest Airlines which is headquartered in Dallas, Texas understands this quite well. And therefore if you are planning to travel with your baby by a Southwest Airlines flight then there are few rules of Southwest Airlines Infant Policy that one needs to follow. You can refer to below points if you are travelling with a baby.

Rules for carrying a baby on flight:

  • To ensure safe and comfortable travel for a baby, Southwest Airlines has laid down few rules that passengers need to follow strictly
  • No matter how old the baby is, for carrying infants passengers need to show birth certificate of their babies
  • If the baby is up to two years of age then he/she can travel free of cost in domestic flights
  • You won't need any boarding pass but would definitely need a boarding verification certificate
  • All the child fare related to international flights can be paid prior to the flight departure either by calling up on reservation helpline number or at ticket counter
  • babies who are born just two weeks back require a medical certificate to travel
  • For all the babies above two years of age need to pay suitable charges in order to travel

Hence if you are planning a trip with your baby then you can refer to above Southwest Airlines infant fare and book tickets accordingly. Also for more help or doubt regarding reservations one can reach out to customer support team.

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