What Is The Pet Reservations Policy of Skywest Airlines?

Want to Travel with Your Pet on Skywest Airlines? Know the Skywest Airlines Pet Policy Before Making Reservations

Traveling is bliss for those who have wanderlust, you can ask them anytime to travel, they're in. But there are some people who love pets and everything comes second. Well, they can spend their whole life with their pets and no complaints. However, this seems to be about two different types of people. BUt what if there are some people who are travelers as well as pet lovers. For this combination, Skywest Airlines is the best airline to fly with. The airline offers Skywest Airlines pet policy which offers you many flexible amenities that can make it easy and simple to travel along with your pet. So, you may go through the given information to get flights booked for you and your pet. 

Important Details That You Should Know Before Traveling Along with Your Pet on Skywest Airlines

  • If you want to travel with your pet and your pet fulfills the requirement to travel in the main cabin, the pet should be kept in a prescribed carrier that can be fit under the seat without any hassle. 
  • In some cases, your pet can be traveled by Skywest Airlines as checked baggage, the pet must be held in a container which has enough space for the pet and no problem will appear in breathing. The container will be placed in the baggage compartment on the very same flight through which you are traveling. 
  • Also, as per the Skywest Airlines pet policy, you are required to book your pet travel while making the flight reservation on Skywest Airlines. And your pet travel can be booked by calling the reservation support team of Skywest Airlines. 
  • In addition, the airline has decided a limit for the weight of the container by which your pet will travel on Skywest Airlines flight booking. The weight must not exceed 70lbs otherwise the pet will not be allowed to travel on the aircraft. 
  • Just in case, the weight of the container exceeds the pre-decided limit of weight and size will have to pay the extra charges. Also, it may possible that the pet will be transported through the cargo department. 
  • You also have to provide the medical certificates showing its health and fit to travel by air in a closed container. 

After knowing these important points on the pet policy of Skywest Airlines. You will be ready to travel along with your pets on Skywest Airlines. Just in case, if you have more questions or queries related to the Skywest Airlines pet policy, you can ask from the reservation support team of Skywest Airlines. 

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