A Quick Guide On How to Upgrade Reservations With Singapore Airlines

For the passengers who have booked reservations with Singapore Airlines and are looking for the services to enhance their travel experience, they would be glad to know about the mySQupgrade service.


What is mySQupgrade Service?


For the travelers who wish to travel with greater comfort can opt for mySQupgrade service. By using this service, the user can bid for an upgrade to the premium economy or business travel classes and enjoy extra legroom, special meals, and other priority services during their travel. 


Another best thing about this service is that the passenger can quote a bid as per their budget as they will only be charged once their bid is accepted. And for the passengers who are wondering how Singapore Airlines Seat Upgrade process works, they can read out the detailed information mentioned in this article. 


Who Does mySQupgrade Service Work?


For upgrading the seat with Singapore Airlines, the passenger is required to abide by certain rules listed below. 


  • For every eligible reservation, the passenger is required to suggest the bid that can pay for a certain bid. 
  • Further, it is required that the bids are made either in cash or by using Krisflyer Miles. 
  • Also, the passengers are offered with an option to cancel or change their Singapore Airlines Seat Upgrade bid 50 hours before the actual departure of the flight. 
  • Once the bid is accepted, then the passenger will be notified regarding the same 40 hours before the departure of the flight. 


Highlights of upgrading flight ticket with Singapore Airlines 


1. Upgrading to Premium Economy


  • For the passenger who bids for premium economy travel class, they are offered with extra room and 38” seat pitch. 
  • Priority check-in and baggage handling services
  • One can enjoy the finest gourmet meals onboard. 


2. Upgrading to Business class


  • One of the widest seats is provided to the passengers.
  • The passengers are offered access to SilverKris lounges around the globe. 
  • Further, the passengers are offered with restaurant table setting onboard. 


Checking the eligibility of the flight ticket


Further, not all reservations booked with airlines are eligible for Singapore Airlines Seat Upgrade. So, it is required that the passenger checks the eligibility of their flight ticket under the mySQupgrade section. 


Besides, if the passenger has any queries regarding the seat upgrade process of Singapore Airlines, they can contact the airlines directly to seek complete information and place their bid for their seat upgrade accordingly. 


Contacting Singapore Airlines 


For contacting the Singapore Airlines representative, the passenger can either dial their toll-free number or send out an email explaining their query. 

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