What is The Pet Policy Of Kuwait Airways?

Have A Look On The Pet Policy Of Kuwait Airways

Kuwait Airways is the major Airways of Kuwait and it is also famous for its services all around the world. The company welcomes its passengers along with their pets in their flights. Kuwait Airways also has its own pet policy that passengers must know and follow in order to bring their pets along with them. Now, if you are planning to travel along with your little fury buddy then read this article to know about the pet policy of Kuwait Airways.

Pet Policy Of Kuwait Airways

  • Kuwait Airways does not allow pet to travel inside their flight cabins. However flights travelling to or from US can include pets such service & emotional support dogs in their cabins free of cost.
  • You’ll need to get a medical certificate from the veterinarian that will validate your pet’s good health before you travel with your pet.
  • The weight of your pet carrier must not exceed more than:
  • 70 lbs in Kuwait Airways Royal, First, Business Classes
  • 50 lbs in Kuwait Airways Economic class
  • If the pet carrier weighs more than the specified weight limit, then you’ll have to pay extra charges to carry it.
  • The pet carrier must be made of nontoxic material and does not cause any harm to your pet. It must also be well ventilated and large enough to allow your pet to stand properly.
  • You can only keep one pet inside the single pet carrier.
  • Kuwait Airways does not provide any dedicated flight attendant to take care of your pet.
  • You must also attach food and water facility along with the pet carrier. Both food and water must be accessible by your pet during the travel time.
  • If you are travelling with a support pet or emotional support pet then you will have to provide proper medical documents to the Kuwait Airways. The documents must be validated by your doctor.

Therefore, aforementioned important information was all about the Kuwait Airways pet policy. If you are still looking for more relevant information then you can visit the official website of the airline company or contact its customer services.

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      • Nice blog on Kuwait Airways pet policy, I am sure this blog will help those who are fond of pet and want to travel with their beloved in Kuwait Airways..
      • Kuwait Airways pet policy is very helpful for me because I have dog with myself and I love to travel in Middle east.
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