Pet Policy of Korean Air

What is the pet policy of Korean Air?

Why leave your pet alone home when you are traveling with the whole of your family? There are people who think same but are unaware of the fact that some airline provides the pet policy. We are talking about Korean Air that allows passengers to carry their pets along with them. but passengers will an approved airline pet carrier that must be the waterproof bottom and should have space for your pet to turn around and stand up. Adequate ventilation should be there. Also, it should be fit under the seat in front of you.

The pet policy can be explained below:

In-cabin pet policy:

  • The pet policy allows pets like cats, dogs and small birds of weight less than 7 kg including the carrier. But they should not be noisy otherwise the owner is required to muzzle their pets if they cause disturbance to other passengers.
  • Two pets can fly in one carrier if they are of the same breed and less than 6 months. Also, there should be room in the carrier.

Age Requirements:

The minimum age of the pet should be 8 weeks.

Mandatory forms

The passenger should have all the documents for the destination country. The current health and rabies certificate and export are required.

Checked baggage pet policy:

Pets allowed:

The weight of the crate and the career must not exceed 32 kg.

Restriction of Aircraft:

The airline does not accept live animals on the flights that are served by Boeing 737 aircraft.


The passengers should issue the health certificate of their pets within 10 days of travel or according to the regulations of their destination country.

Restrictions of temperature:

The airline will not accept the pets if the actual or the forecasted temperatures will be above 29.4°C or below 7.2°C in any city.

This was the Korean Air Pet Policy that allows the pets to travel with you. We believe in providing happiness to our passengers and there is something missing if we leave our pets home alone.

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