What Is Japan Airlines Pet Policy?

Pet Policy Of Japan Airlines

Having pets is no less than bringing up a child. Looking after a pet at home is okay but travelling with pets bring along a lot of responsibility. You have to look after many things from their schedule to making sure your co passengers are not bothered. Tokyo based Japanese Airline understands this and that's why if you are planning to carry along your pet on board, there is few things that you should know. To know more about Japan Airlines pet policy one can refer to below points.

Pet Policies Of Japan Airlines:

  • Japan Airlines allowed pets in three conditions which are travelling with owner in the cage, kept as baggage with enough air or shipped as cargo
  • Only small dogs and cats are allowed on board
  • Make sure your pets are old enough to bear travel conditions. Big sized Dogs are not allowed on board
  • If possible you can keep your pet below your car seat comfortably in your kennel
  • If you want to carry rabbits or birds or squirrels then kindly contact Japan Airlines
  • Only one pet per passenger is allowed on board
  • Make sure you follow all the baggage rules while carrying pets along with you. Note that pets are not considered as a part of your free luggage
  • Remember to carry all the documents required for carrying one's pets. Make sure you have all the verified documents necessary for flying with pets in Japan Airlines flight.
  • There are certain costs incurred on carrying pets therefore go through it on the website.Your pet should be fit and healthy and sure cage should be properly locked.

And, for further inquiry contact Japan Airlines customer support.

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