How To Make Reservations in Interjet Airlines?

Get Complete Information About Interjet Airlines Services and Features

Interjet Airlines is a Mexican airline that offers many world-class services and features to its passengers. Not only it provides flight tickets at reasonable fare but also, it has different flight fare classes through which a passenger can opt for the desired services that he or she wants to avail while traveling with Interjet Airlines. Aside from this, to give you all information related to Interjet Airlines reservations, fare classes, travel with pets and children, this post has been composed. So all you need is to go thoroughly and get your flight seats reserved instantly.

Interjet Airlines Fare Classes

There are four fare classes in Interjet Airlines which allows the passengers to access the services that they want on their trip.

  • Interjet Airlines Ultra Light Fare Class - When you want to travel light at the best possible flight fare, you should opt for Ultra Light fare class.
  • Interjet Airlines Light Fare Class - This flight fare class is perfect for all kind of business trips or if you want a sort getaway as it comprises of checked baggage for Latin America and Mexico with affordable options.
  • Interjet Airline Optima Fare Class - It lets you make changes to your booked flights with more affordable fees. Also, you will get the option to select expedite your departure time, onboard seating, and in this fare class, you would get checked baggage of 55lbs on flight tickets from the USA and Canada. For Mexico and Latin America, you will get 66lbs checked baggage.
  • Interjet Airlines Priority Fare Class - Desirable onboard seating, free unlimited changes and refunds up to 24 hours before the flight departure, priority check-in, and boarding services.

Besides, the airline takes care of pet travel and if you want to make Interjet Airlines pets reservations, you can do that online or by calling on the Interjet Airlines phone number. But before that, you should read some important details for per travel on Interjet Airlines.

Point to Remember Before Interjet Airlines Pet Travel 

  • When you travel along with your pet you would be required to present all the required documentation for your pet, for example, official health certificate, current, and whole vaccination card, letterhead showing diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions of the pet, Zoosanitary export certificate, and so on.
  • Only one pet will be accepted in the cabin with a passenger in a container with a maximum size of 15 x 12 x 9 in with the maximum allowed weight of 22 lb.

Moreover, the airline provides special services for making Interjet Airlines reservations for children, if you are traveling along with your kids, there are some special services will be provided to you. In this way, you won't see any hassle while traveling along with your children. Additionally, you can follow the given procedure to make reservation for children, go through it.

How Will You Make Online Flight Reservations on Interjet Airlines?

  • First and foremost, you would require to open the homepage of Interjet Airlines.
  • There you would be required to choose the Trip Type.
  • Also, you should select the origin cities and destinations cities for our Interjet Airlines reservations.
  • Then you would see the Search button over there, click on it and you would see the calendar from which you'll require to opt for dates on which you want to fly with Interjet Airlines.
  • Once you provide all the information, you would see the available flight options by choosing the desired flight class, you need to select the flight and click Continue.
  • Thereafter, you would be asked to provide your contact and passenger information, mark the checkbox to agree on the terms and conditions of the airline and click Continue.
  • In this way, you will redirect to the payment page of Interjet Airlines, choose the payment method and complete the flight ticket purchase.

Once you are done with the payment, you would get the flight booking confirmation on the email address mentioned in the contact details. Also, the booking confirmation code will be provided in that email whereby you can manage your flight tickets later.

This is how your flight tickets will be booked without seeing any problem, just in case, you find any trouble while doing the booking or accessing any service, you can contact the Interjet Airlines reservations support team.

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