How to Upgrade Flight Seats in IcelandAir?

IcelandAir, an airline based in Iceland is an international air carrier that operates daily flights across Europe and the USA mainly. And if you want to fly to any European or American country, then one can easily book flights with IcelandAir. 


Traveling in the Upper Class 


Apart from the normal reservation, IcelandAir also provides the facility of upgrading flight seats. If a passenger has already made reservations but now wishes to travel by the upper class then the airline also provides the facility of IcelandAir class upgrade. Instead of making a fresh booking, people can also upgrade their original reservations. 


Process of Upgrading Flight Seat In IcelandAir?


IcelandAir gives accessibility of upgrading the basic economy reservation to business class which is also known as Saga class in IcelandAir. 


How to Find if Someone is Eligible for a Seat Upgrade or Not?


 Before making any seat upgrade, you can check if you are even eligible for the IcelandAir seat upgrade or not. All you have to do is visit the seat upgrade link of the airline on the official website and enter your name and booking number. If there is any deal or if you are eligible for the update, then you will be updated before the departure. 


The Saga Premium class of IcelandAir

  • The business class of IcelandAir is known by the name of Saga Premium which has several unique features with which one can easily book flights. 
  • The best part of upgrading flight seats in IcelandAir is the extra legroom and spacious flight seats. 
  • Moreover, the flight seats of IcelandAir's Saga Premium is designed in a way that there is ample privacy for every passenger. 
  • Apart from this, passenger flying by the business class also gets priority check-in and variety of meals served on board. 

How to Upgrade to Business Class in IcelandAir?

  • If you stand eligible for a flight upgrade, the airline will itself send you a link for upgrading your flight at least ten days before the flight departure. 
  • Moreover, as you receive the link to upgrade the flight, you can make a bid or decide the amount you want to pay for the upgrade. 
  • Provide all your payment details on the website such as your card details. 
  • Once you have provided all your flight and payment details, you will receive a notification of confirmation at least 24 hours before the flight departure. 
  • One can also use the Saga points to pay for the upgrade. 

And that's all! In case of any doubt, you can contact the customer care team +1 (803) 373-8382 of the airline. 

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