What is the Pet Policy in IcelandAir And How to Do Pet Reservations?

Make Reservations for Your Pet Easily and Instantly with a Reliable Icelandair Pet Policy

Travelling with your pet is always the best thing when you travel to your favorite destination because it is almost difficult to leave your pet alone at home if you are a pet lover. But when you travel via air, then it always seems a complex thing which is not true as many airlines provide the flying option with pets, and Icelandair is one among those. Icelandair provides the travel option with a pet where you can travel with your pet without any difficulty. But there are varied rules prescribed by Icelandair for pet travelling and one should know about the pet policy before making the reservation for a pet.

What is the Icelandair Pet Policy?

Do you want to make a reservation for your pet in Icelandair flights? Then you can very simply make it to plenty of routes. You can only make reservations if you have the complete knowledge about the pet policy which is set by Icelandair for the passengers. In order to book a travel ticket for pets, you must know about the Icelandair pet policy which is mandatory to know before making the reservation for pets.

Pet Policy of Icelandair Airlines

  • Icelandair allows only small animals such as dogs and cats that are not allowed to travel inside the cabin.
  • A maximum of 4 animals can be carried in the hold of every aircraft where two animals can share the same pet carries if both are small.
  • Only one service or emotional animal which is dod that can be carried inside the cabin as per the pet policy.
  • The maximum dimension of the pet crate will be 36 x 25 x 27 inch and the maximum weight may not exceed 88 lbs.
  • The pet travelling starts from $128 that also depends on your route type.

How to Do Pet Reservations in Icelandair?

You can make a reservation for your pet in Icelandair after following the above-given instructions in a very simple manner. But there are many other things you need to consider to make pet reservations which are given below:

  • You would need to contact the Service Center of Icelandair with all the mandatory documents and forms within 2 business days in advance for your pet.
  • You can book your pet for travelling in the holding area of the flight’s and you will be required to contact the service center regarding that.
  • Passenger will also require to confirm the crate’s exact dimension and weight for confirmation purposes.

You can very easily make Icelandair Pet Reservations to your preferred route after following the above-give simple instructions. But if you are still not able to make your reservation for pet or you have any other query regarding the pet policy, then contact the customer service team +1 (803) 373-8382 of Icelandair for getting the better assistance on every query.

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